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Open Heaven Daily Devotional October 12 2023: The Way Where There Is No Way

    The theme for Open Heaven Daily Devotional October 10 2023 is The Way Where There Is No Way”

    SCRIPTURE: “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible“. Matthew 19:26

    Jesus is the Way where there is no way. John 11:39-44 tells us the story of Lazarus. He died and had been buried for 4 days.

    When Jesus and His disciples got to the tomb and He asked that the stone be rolled away, Lazarus’ sister said to Jesus that it was too late already.

    She was confident that if Jesus had come before her brother died, Jesus would have healed him. Her statement also implies that she felt that if Jesus had arrived when he had just died like in the case of Jai rus’ daughter,

    or just before he was buried like in the case of the widow of Nain’s son, Jesus would have been able to raise Lazarus from the dead,

    but since he was already dead and buried for 4 days; there was no way out. Jesus Christ, the Way where there is no way however,

    simply asked that the stone be rolled away and then called Lazarus out of the tomb. There was one of my sons whose country I was visiting.

    I had expected to see him at the airport, but he wasn’t there. I asked after him and was told that he was in the hospital dying.


    I went to see him in the hospital and was taken to a special ward where hopeless cases — people who the doctors were sure would soon die, were kept.

    I prayed for him that Saturday and by the following Wednesday, my son was discharged, completely whole. Beyond his healing, however, everyone in that ward with him also got discharged that day.

    There comes a time when a person could look at all the options in front of him, and none of them would look like a way out of his problem.

    At that time, the only One who can make a way where there is none is Jesus. When the Israelites were between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army,

    humanly speaking, there was no right decision to take. They would die if they turned to fight the Egyptians because the Israelites had no military training or weapons.

    The Red Sea was in front of them, so there was no question of moving forward. It was clear that their fate was in the hands of Pharaoh, but that was before The Way stepped in.

    The moment Moses cried to God about their situation, a way was created where there had been none and the Egyptians were destroyed in their stead.

    Surrender all to Jesus today and call upon Him to make a Way for you where there is no way, and He will answer You.

    Open Heaven For Today 12 October 2023: Prayer Point

    Father, please make a way for me, even where there is no way, in Jesus’ name.

    Credit for today’s Open Heaven daily devotional October 12 2023: Open Heaven/

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