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Open Heaven Daily Devotional February 2 2023.

    The theme for “Open Heaven Daily Devotional February 2 2023 is “Watch That Intimacy II

    Here is today’s Open Heaven Daily Devotional February 2 2023 designed for your today’s spiritual refreshment. Kindly read today’s teaching by Pastor E.A  Adeboye, meditate on the word of God and endeavor to act in accordance with them. As you start your day with God through his word, may he go before you to perfect all you have to do today.

    Open Heaven Daily Devotional February 2 2023.

    SCRIPTURE: Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. Psalm 41:9 (KJV).

    Today, I want to share with you a secret that took many great men and women a long time and a lot of pain to learn: it is that you must be very careful who you bring close to you. Most of the people who parade themselves as friends are not genuine. For some of them, they had ulterior motives from the beginning of your friendship while for many others, the moment things get a little tough, they betray your friendship. Only a few, and I mean a tiny little number of people can be called real friends.

    The information you let out to someone can never be retrieved, so you have to be careful what you tell your ‘friends’. When I joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God, I became very close to two brothers. One day, God revealed to me that one of them is not a real friend, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I confronted him about it and he strongly denied being a fake friend to me. A few years later, when I became General Overseer, I was going to discuss my new role with him when he opened up and told me that he had hated me from the day I came into the Church. Many of us have had similar betrayals; unfortunately, not everyone learns from their experiences.

    Your real friends are those who are happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. When the soldiers came to arrest the Lord Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (John 18:1-10), Peter drew a sword and tried to defend Jesus. How can one man stand against several armed soldiers? He faced them as if it were he they had come to take. That is a friend. Judas on the other hand in John 12:3-6 showed that he only cared about himself and not Jesus. When he saw a woman pouring expensive ointment on Jesus, he should have been happy to see his friend being celebrated that much, but instead, he complained and tried to stop the woman from worshipping Him. That is not a true friend. You need to watch out for these things over a long period of time with the help of the Holy Ghost, to sift out who your true friends are.

    Open Heaven 2 February 2023 KEY POINT

    Be careful who you bring close to you


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