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Open Heaven Daily Devotional August 23 2023: Divine Blessings Are Conditional.

    The theme for Open Heaven Daily Devotional August 23 2023 is Divine Blessings Are Conditional .

    SCRIPTURE: “And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven and will give unto thy seed all these countries and in thy seed all the nations of the earth be blessed, because that Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge, my commandments, my statues and my laws.“ Genesis 26:4-5

    I thank God that He made sure I studied Mathematics before I became a preacher.

    Every Mathematician knows that for any formula to work, certain conditions must be met. If you meet God’s conditions, He will do for you what He is not doing for others.

    This is so important that it could be the greatest thing you have ever heard or read in your life, because if you begin to meet His conditions, people around you would begin to ask, “What is your secret?” When people sing, “Abraham’s blessings are mine”, many of them think it is just by singing it that they’ll have the blessing.

    When you do your research, you’ll see that Abraham himself, in Genesis 22:16-17, got his blessing by being willing to sacrifice his only son to God.

    That day, God swore by Himself to bless Abraham and Isaac also, because the boy was willing to lay down his life. When Isaac was going to pass on the blessing, he gave it to the son who brought him a meal that he loved (Genesis 27:1-29).

    I agree that when you became a Christian, you received the blessing of Abraham, but to tell you the whole truth, you got it on credit.

    You must be ready to give something for that blessing to really begin to manifest in your life. Nothing goes for nothing.

    When God saved my soul, with joy I gave Him the first house I ever built – a little mud house plastered with cement.

    Thereafter, God built another one for me in my little village and when He needed it, I gave it to Him too. I also gave the first house I built in Lagos to God when He needed it.

    These are just a few of the things that I can tell you here. By the time God responded, He did so in a marvelous way.

    For example, anywhere I go to now and there’s a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God there, I can be sure of a good place to sleep that night.

    If I announce that I need a car for an assignment tomorrow for example, I am likely to wake up the next day to see a fleet of cars brought by different people and each one would want me to pick the one they brought.

    If you really want God to bless You/you should ask yourself, “Have I met the conditions necessary for me to be blessed?”

    Open Heaven 23 August 2023 Action Point:

    Do something today that will impress God so much that He will look down from heaven and bless you.

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