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NYRETTA BOSHOFF Biography, Age, Family, Career, Ministry, Net Worth, etc


    Nyretta Boshoff is a Pastor, internationals speaker, song writer, author as well as the co-founder and senior pastor of Christ Revival Church (CRC) South Africa. She is the wife of Pastor AT Boshoff.



    Pastor Nyretta Gibbson Boshoff is the wife of Pastor At Boshoff.  The couples are the Co-founders of Christ Revival Church, Cape Town, South Africa. She was born into a mix-nationality in Harare Zimbabwe and she grew up in a game ranch.

    Pastor Nyretta and her Parents converted to Christianity when she was 10 years old and together with her parent, they embarked on a joyous journey of Christian faith. Nyretta was also fascinated with animals.  Pastor Nyretta developed a passion for teaching practicalities of Christian living and does it with exceptional aptitude and success.


    Information relationg to the age of Pastor Nyretta is currently not available.  However she was born in the 70s.


    Pastor Nyretta was born to parents of mix-nationality, they held from Zimbabwe & South Africa respectively. The both of them were pillars that made Nyretta the woman she is today both physically and spiritually.

    Nyretta is happily married to Pastor At Boshoff, with whom she co-pastors and leads the Christ Revival Church (CRC) Cape Town, South Africa. Their marriage is blessed with  three children; Angelique de Bruin (born in 1990), David (born in 1991), and Chanelle Claassens (born in 1994).  The couples also have grandchildren from two of their married children


    Pastor At Boshoff is the husband to Pastor Nyretta Boshoff they are also the founders and senior Pastors of Christ Revival Church (CRC) Cape Town, South Africa. The couples got married since December, 1989, and have been together for over 35 years as of 2022.

    NYRETTA BOSHOFF Husband At Boshoff


    The couples have being preaching the kingdom of heaven all over the world till date. Pastor Nyretta and her husband At.Boshoff’s marriage is blesssed with 3 grown children and grandchildren. Their first daughter Angeligue de Bruin was born in 1990, the second son David born in 1991 while her last daughter Chanelle Clasassens was born in 1994.


    Pastor Nyretta Boshoff is not just a pillar and support to her husband and the ministry but has also been special mother and a blessing to both her children and the entire family of the CRC in general.


    Coming from a Christian home Pastor Nyretta became fascinated about the teachings of Christ and his kingdom through the precept and examples of teaching she had receive from the unset from her parent. Pastor Nyretta Boshoff and her husband , Pastor At Boshoff co-founded the Christ Revival Church (CRC) Cape Town, South Africa in 1994.

    CRC is one of the fastest growing churches in South Africa with over 52,000 members. The Church has also been planted internationally in many big nations such as USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and many other countries. Pastor Nyretta and her husband have been in the Christian ministry since 1990.

    Nyretta Boshoff and her husband have decided to expand the ministry in order to reach more followers within and outside South Africa. Apart from her support to her husband, she is frequently ministering and preaching at women’s Conferences nationally and internationally.

    In 2001,  Nyretta launched herself in the Music art where she pioneered the creative ministry and started writing gospel songs for CRC congregational Choir in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg. That led to the release of the ‘BIG GOD’ albumin in 2004.

    Nyretta in partnership with CRC, organizes a project where Children are been cared for, and also training the teachers of how to handle the Crèches in meeting the needs of  little children. Pastor Nyretta Boshoff has not just being a leader but has also been a wife, mother and homemaker in many people’s heart.


    The net-worth of Pastor Nyretta Boshoff has not been made public. Therefore we cannot ascertain or estimate her worth. However her major source of earning is through her pastoral work and music projects.


    You can find and follow Pastor Nyretta on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @ngaretta_boshoff

    Twitter: @Nyrettaboshoff

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