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Nick Vujicic Prayer Request : How to send Prayer request to Nick Vujicic

    Nick Vujicic Prayer Request : The Limbless Australian American born motivationals speaker, Evangelist Nick Vujicic is ready at all times too pray with and for anyone that requests for his prayers. Nick Vujicic is the founder of Life without limb.

    A Prayer to Our Father God

    Lord, I thank You that even though You know everything about me, You still love me. You know my thoughts and my mistakes and my sins, and You still call me Your child. Your grace toward me is beyond comprehension. More than anything else I want to know Your presence in my life. If there is any part of my life that I have kept from You, show me so I can invite You to reign there. Come into me, Holy Spirit, and revive my soul with rivers of living water and then flow through me to a dry and thirsty world.

    Help me to keep my eyes fixed upon You. Lord, be my richest treasure always. Help me to never make an idol out of anyone or anything or to allow possessions or the distractions of this world to get in front of You in any way. You are my Healer, my Hope, and my Strength. When I need freedom, You are my Deliverer. You are my Shield from the enemy, my Counselor when I need guidance, and my Stronghold in the day of trouble. Truly, You are the God of miracles. Work Your miracles in my life today and keep changing me into Your likeness. Amen.

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    Note that submission of prayer request alone is not enough. You must learn how to pray for yourself too. Also very important for positive result of prayers is FAITH.

    To have your prayer answered, you need to to first of all believe that the Lord God is the Alpha and Omega, the Most High God, who can do all things abundantly more than we can ever ask. What God cannot do does not exist.

    The bigger the faith, the more result your prayer will yield.

    To effectively submit a prayer request , you have to know what prayer request is and how to write prayer request.

    What is a prayer request?

    Prayer request is a call for prayer assistance either to a man of God or a prayer group. It simply means requesting others to join you and pray for your desires. Kindly note that making a prayer request or asking others to pray for you does not relieve you of the need to engage in personal prayers. Prayer request is made to have others join their faith to yours and call upon the Almighty God on your behalf. So while you have made a prayer request, do not stop praying too.

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    purpose of prayer request

    The purpose of prayer requests is to get more people involved in praying. Prayer is more powerful when lots of people are praying for the same things. It’s also an excellent way of showing support for other church members. Especially if you’re all praying for someone in the church – it makes them feel loved and cared for. As a result, this also builds your community and increases the sense of belonging many people have.

    How to Write prayer request

    Firstly, understand that this doesn’t have to be a long thing. There’s no need to write paragraph after paragraph – it should get to the point and ask for people’s support. Generally, prayer requests should follow this simple structure:

    • A catchy opening line
    • Detailing the problem/prayer focus
    • Thanking people for the help

    Click Here t Submit your prayer request

    How to submit your prayer request to Nick Vujicic

    Click the link above

    Scroll down to the end of the page

    You would see a botton tagged ”Need prayer”

    Click on the ”Need prayer box and then fill the form, and submit

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