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Nick Vujicic : Champions for the Suicidal: A Message Against Suicide

    Nick Vujicic Message Champions for the Suicidal : The Australian born motivational speaker without Limb, Evangelist Nick Vujicic has come through with this message of hope titled ”Champion against the suicidal” which is a message against suicide.

    In this message, Nick Vujicic teaches that no matter the sitiuation and the circumstances, suicide is never an option.

    In this timely and sensitive message, Champions for the Su!c!dal: A Message Against Suicide from Nick Vujicic,” he urges those who are thinking about ending their life to “stay here and find the truth.” Seek the help and the hope with eternal joy found in Jesus Christ. When God changes your heart, it changes the way you look at things; then the things you look at start to change.

    Kindly watch/listen, meditate on , learn from this Nick Vujicic message and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart, grant you all your heart desires and give you the grace to live in accordance with his words.

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    Watch Nick Vujicic Message ” Champions for the Suicidal: A Message Against Suicide”

    Video credit : Life Without Limb Youtube

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