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Nick Vujicic and Family (2019-2020) Lovely video story

    Nick Vujicic Life Without Limb : Nick Vujicic is a famous Australian motivational speaker born without limb and the founder of Life Without Limb. The life of Nick Vujicic has remianed a source of inspiration to many. Recal that upon birth, Nick Vujicic parents first abandoned him in the hospital out of confusion, though they later went back to him. His parents later remained his greatest source of inspiration, always encouraging him that he can achieve whatever he wants .

    Nick Vujicic Life Without Limb

    Nick later started his motivational speaking and with time became famous. He got married to Kanae Miyahara and today , their marriage is blessed with 4 children ( two boys and two Girls.

    Nick Vujicic children

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    Below is a video story of the life of Nick Vujicic and family from 2019 to 2020 as compiled by Ahmet Yılmaz.

    Credit : Ahmet Yılmaz youtube

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