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Michael Todd Sermon : Who is Fighting for You?

    Michael Todd Sermon Who is Fighting for You? : The Trinity Broadcasting Netweork (TBN) shares this inpsiringh sermon by Michael Todd of Transformation church. Be rest assured that this is a sermon that is worth your time and attention as it contains insightful and life lessons.

    On Transformation Church’s sermon series, Crazyer Faith, Pastor Michael Todd teaches on why we need a “circle of faith.” Listen as he explains that who we listen to can positively or negatively impact our faith walk.

    Kindly spare time to watch and learn from this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) – Sharing the Word of God to all the nations of the World! TBN is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel. TBN broadcasts programs hosted by a diverse group of ministries from traditional Protestant and Catholic denominations to Messianic Jewish, Non-Profit Charities, Interdenominational and Full Gospel churches. TBN also offers a wide range of original programming and faith-based films.

    Video credit : TBN Youtube

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