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Michael Todd Sermon- Crazy faith

    Michael Todd Crazy faith : crazy faith are thoughts and actions, they lack reason, it involves trusting fully in what we cannot prove. there are people who step out in faith to do things that no one in their family has ever done, and no one has told them this is what you are supposed to do, they are only trusting faith, trusting what God has said and placed on the inside of them. they step out not being sure, but thats what faith really is, it is steeping out on the word of God not being able to prove that it is actually going to happen.

    Pastor Michael Todd gave us an example with the church and how it seemed impossible but only faith in God brought about it. he told us that if crazy faith does not come from God then it is not crazy, to have crazy faith you have to spend time with god and in his presence so that we do not end up putting God’s name on something he did not co-sign.

    Some of us  are moving in a rhythm that is more ambitious than anointed. the line between crazy faith and ordinary crazy is kind of blurry. your life is more valuable than making flippant decisions, that your children can be affected by your decision so you have to be sure you are working with Gods instructions and Gods’s wisdom.


    1st Samuel 13 vs. 5


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