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MFM daily Devotional March 3 2023.

    The theme for MFM Daily Devotional March 3 2023 is ”Pray For Christian Homes

    Here is today’s MFM daily devotional designed for your today’s spiritual refreshment. Kindly read today’s teaching by Dr DK Olukoya, meditate on the word of God and endeavour to act in accordance with them. As you start your day with God through his word, may he go before you to perfect all you have to do today.

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    SCRIPTURE: “Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

    Homes are the fundamental building blocks of strong societies and prayer is the only means through which we can experience the peace that comes from God in Christian homes. God has commanded us to pray without ceasing. This means that we should pray for our homes as Christians frequently and persistently even in the midst of our daily activities.

    Unity must begin at the level of the families before it can truly pass on to the Church then to the society at large. God created the family and gave many specific instructions to it long before He created the Church He gave these instructions with the intent of unifying husbands, wives and children into one whole body that would honour and reverence Him. For the intent of God for Christian homes to come to pass, prayers are needed.

    Can you imagine how quickly God’s kingdom would grow if the Church was comprised of unified families obediently carrying out the Commandments of God and the Great Commission? In order for unbelievers to truly know the love of Christ, they must see it in the unified, loving families that make up the Church of Jesus Christ. We all have work to do in the kingdom! If we are true followers of Christ, then we should work to advance His kingdom on earth, put an end to the increasing crime rates in our society, the moral decadence in our society, reduce the rate of divorce, separation, bad governance, decline in parental authority over the homes, negative influence of science and technology and the love of materialism above the love of God.

    When we pray for Christian homes, we withdraw from the rulers of darkness in heavenly places the legal right to attack homes and grant God the legal right to bring his divine plan and purpose for Christian homes to full manifestation. Our prayers, therefore, show that we are in agreement with God concerning His plan for the homes. Prayer helps the Christian family to be conscious of God. It ushers the presence of the Holy Spirit into such homes. It helps to shape the destiny of the Christian homes. Prayer brings direction and orderliness to the homes, eliminating confusion and anarchy. Our prayer help Christian families to bond with one another and create a true sense of one family, unity and love. Prayers will help to address and resolve problems as well as reduce tensions in the homes. If the society will be a place for people to live happily, then it must begin from the home. Beloved, let us join our holy hands in prayer for the Christian homes so as to make our world a safe place to dwell. When we cry to God, He will honour our prayer!



    1. No dark meetings held against Christian homes shall prosper, in the name of Jesus.
    2. I break and scatter every evil collective battle united against Christian homes, in the name of Jesus.
    3. Anti-marriage serpents and scorpions, get out of Christian homes, in the name of Jesus.


    1. Every arrow fired against my marital life, back fire, in the name of Jesus.
    2. Ancestral marital blockage, die, in the name of Jesus.
    3. Failure at the edge of marital breakthroughs, I cut you off, in the name of Jesus.
    4. I decree that my marriage is not for sale, in the name of Jesus.


    Credit for today’s Mountain of fire‘s daily  devotional March 3 2023: Mountain of Fire Ministries/Mountain of Fire

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