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MFM daily Devotional April 7 2023.

    The theme for MFM Daily Devotional April 7 2023 is ”The Wonder-Working Name Of Jesus (II)

    Here is today’s MFM daily devotional designed for your today’s spiritual refreshment. Kindly read today’s teaching by Dr DK Olukoya, meditate on the word of God and endeavour to act in accordance with them. As you start your day with God through his word, may he go before you to perfect all you have to do today.

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    SCRIPTURE: “10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” – Philippians 2:10-11

    Yesterday, we looked at how powerful and efficacious the name of Jesus is. Today, we would be looking at how we can apply the name to our lives and everything that troubles us.

    The name of Jesus can change your story from grass to grace, break every demonic stronghold in your life, heal, save and deliver you from wicked powers that have chained you and refused to let you go. It is limitless. It is the free gift of the Father that comes with salvation. Many people do not even know how powerful they can be if they use the name of Jesus in every difficulty they face. The name of Jesus has the power to make you unstoppable.

    Knowing how to use the name of Jesus can make your situation change for the better. Jesus Christ Himself urged us to pray in His name and miraculous answers will happen. To pray in His name, you have to put away your authority, your beliefs in yourself and your pride. You should believe that only in His name can things happen. You have to take His name into your heart and mind and believe that when you call upon Him in His name, He will answer you. You have to identify yourself with Him, believe that you are His own and believe in the authority that is in His name. When you use the name of Jesus, His sovereign and surpassing authority will work and do wonders for you. The reason is that His name will make Him to be involved in your affairs.

    Beloved, the only way you can use the name of Jesus Christ and get maximum results is for you to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Saviour, both internally (in your heart) and physically (in your way of life). Doing this will change your life for good. The tremendous and surpassing authority in that wonder-working name will become yours. God bless you.



    1. Let the power in the name of Jesus overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
    2. Let Your power fight my battles for me, in the name of Jesus
    3. I take charge of my day, in the name of Jesus


    1. Power that cannot be insulted, destroy every stumbling block on my way to progress, in the name of Jesus of Jesus
    2. O God, arise in Your power and silence all my silencers, in the name of Jesus.
    3. I go from glory to glory, in the name of Jesus.
    4. I go from strength to strength, in the name of Jesus.

    Credit for today’s Mountain of fire‘s daily  devotional April 7 2023: Mountain of Fire Ministries/Mountain of Fire

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