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Message by Joyce Meyer : Are You Managing Stress Well?

    Message by Joyce Meyer Are You Managing Stress Well? : The president of Joyce Meyer ministries and the wife of Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer has through  with this wonderful and inspiring message titled ” Are You Managing Stress Well?”

    In this message, Meyer started by saying, you can have stress physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress and no matter and having these stress is normal and we have to manage them properly. When this stress becomes excessive, that is when it becomes a problem.

    Worrying , being upset, being angry and unforgiveness bring stress on our body. God has given us the power, the strength , the ability to do all he wants us to do, But God cannot give us the strength or ability to do what he doesnt want us to do.

    We can handle what God wants us to handle, but when we go beyound trying to do more becuase we feel we can or because we are pressured by others to do so and you do not want to to say no to anyone, those are the things that weigh us down.

    If you have a lot on your schedule to do, and you feel overwhelmed, simply ask yourself if you must do all those. You made the schedule by yourself, so if you cannot handle it, then change it.

    Always ask yourself not just what you are doing but why you are doing them and anything that is not being done with the right motive, cut it off your life.

    The question is not whether you have stress. Everyone has stress. The question is, are you managing your stress in your life. When stress becomes excessive, then you have got to cut some things off your life.

    Also another question is, are you taking measures to avoid stress in your life.Sometimes we feel other people should not pressure us. It is normal for others tp pressure us. The measure thing is for us not to allow them pressure us.

    John 14:27 Jesus said, peace i leave with you , my peace i give to you, let not your heart be trouble neither let them be afraid.

    Stop allowing yourselves to be upset and disturbed.

    Kindly watch, listen, meditate and learn from this message by Joyce Meyer titled ”Are You Managing Stress Well?” and remian blessed as you stay tuned with Allpastors sermon site bringing you the latest sermons, messages and devotionals by famous preachers around the world.

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