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Mervin Mayo : 20 Facts you do not know about Mervin Mayo

    Who is Mervin Mayo?

    Mervin Mayo is a gospel singer, officer and music minister. Since then Mr. Mayo has ministered gospel music in churches, events and sports arenas. In addition to being a Minister of music, he is also a Richmond, Virginia Police Officer and School Resource Officer.

    Mervin Mayo Age , Date of Birth

    Information regarding the exact age , date of birth and birthday of Mervin Mayo is currently unknown. It should however be noted that Mervin commenced playing piano at the age of 13 at the 4th Baptist church. Since then, Mervin Mayo has been ministering gospel music in churches.

    Mervin Mayo wife

    Efforts made to find out the details of who Mervin Mayo is married to has remained abortive. Mervin Mayo is a lover of privacy and this has made it difficult to get details about his wife, children and family. Kindly keep tuned. We shall update the article with details of Mervin Mayo wife, Mervin Mayo Children and Mervin Mayo family as soon as discovered.

    Mervin Mayo Net worth

    Mervin Mayo has a net worth of approximately 1.7million US Dollars . Much as the exact net worth of Mervin is not known, the amount quoted above is a tentative and assumed net worth. Mervin Mayo has made a fortune for himself through the sale of his gospel songs, ministering of music etc.


    Mervin Mayo Gospel Singer

    His purpose in life is to serve God by serving his community and protecting and serving inner city at risk youth in the process.

    God spoke to Mervin in a dream and told him to tell people of His goodness by preaching as well as using his gift of singing. Minister Mayo dismissed this first calling in a dream for several years because he felt that it wasn’t what he wanted to do. Eventually, he befriended Pastor Anthony Franklin at work, who asked Mervin to help the music ministry for a little while until he finds a permanent piano player.

    Mervin played for a little over a year at TRP, now Truth Ministries, before a voice came to him again in a dream telling him to preach God’s Word! He began speaking to God more often and became more obedient. Since his elevation, Minister Mervin Doronn Mayo Jr. has grown closer to God and has bubbled into a Phenomenal Gospel Singer.

    His work in Ministry is just beginning, and we all are blessed by his Music Ministry, Teaching and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mervin pours out his heart with this New Single “I Need You Lord” Composed by 2X GRAMMY Award Winner Rio “They Need a Hit” Bridges. This Gospel Hit performed by Richmond Policer, Gospel Recording artist and Minister Mervin Mayo is not only intended to heal the Nation in this difficult time of COVID 19, but also to touch the hearts and minds of people of all nationalities, experiencing social injustice and racism in America.

    Bow Down Mervin Mayo song Lyrics

    It’s me Lord, and I’m standing in need.
    I know I don’t call You like I use to.
    But I need you to wrap Your loving arms around me.
    This world is going through some things
    And it’s getting a little too hard to bear.
    We’ve searched all over for the remedy,
    But it look’s like we cant find it no where
    Then I rememeber You said to me,
    Call out My name and I’ll be there
    So I’m calling on the name of Jesus,
    Imma stay right here and wait
    I ain’t going nowhere
    I know You remember that time I said
    If you help me out this time, Lord I ain’t gone do it no more,
    But as soon as you delivered me from that mess
    Like a fool, I opened up another door,
    I tend to disappoint myself sometimes, not to mention my family too,
    But it is in times like these that we’ve got to realize,
    That Jesus, we just cant make it without you.
    Then I rememeber you said to me,
    Call out my name and I’ll be there
    So I’m calling on the name of Jesus,
    Imma stay right here and wait
    I ain’t going nowhere
    Tell me How long will it be… Repeat
    I am so glad that trouble don’t last always … Repeat

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