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Max Lucado Books: Basic facts about Max Lucado and his best 20 books

     Max Lucado Biography

    To discuss Max Lucado books, it is imperative to first understand who is Max Lucado.
    Max Lucado is an American speaker, best-selling author and  a pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.
    Max Lucado


    He was born on the  11 January 1955 at San Angelo, Texas, United States by Jack Lucado (father) Thelma Lucado (mother). Accordingly, as of 2021, Max Lucado is  66 years years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 11th day of  January every year. Suffice to note that Max Lucado birthday remains special day in his life as he takes out that day to celebrate with family, friends and well wishers.


    He is happily married to  Denalyn Lucado since 1981 and the marriage is blessed with 3 children namely; Sara Lucado, Andrea Lucado, Jenna Lucado


    Max Lucado has written a lot of inspiring and life changing books . Below is some of the notable Max Lucado books;


    1. YOU ARE SPECIAL: this is a children story book that helps them understand that they are each unique the way God created them, it helps them appreciate and value themselves more, the best selling author Max Lucado uses a group of wood people for illustration.


    1. ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING: using Philippians 4:6-7 Max Lucado teaches us how to deal with anxiety of all form and from all situations, he helps us understand that worrying is a waste of time and can only make situations worse, he helps us to understand that God has great and wonderful plans for us and that his time is the best, so we should wait on him.


    1. UNSHAKEABLE HOPE: in this book Max Lucado teaches us that we live in an unstable world where things can go from bad to worse or from worse to worse but he wants us to understand that in all this uncertainties of life there is a constant and that is God, he makes us understand that if we can base our faith and hope on this promises we will be firm even when the world is changing negatively.



    1. JESUS: in this book, we are made to understand that Jesus lived here on earth for thirty three years and he experienced all we could possibly experience, he was tempted to, so he understands what we go through, he knows our individual experiences therefor we can always go to God through him.


    1. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE: From the book of john, best selling author Max Lucado brought about this book, he pointed out various miracles Jesus worked out for different people at very serious points of their needs, when they thought there was no hope, an example was the wedding at Canaan where the wine was exhausted and Jesus swooped in and saved the day, he knows our struggles and is always there to rescue us.


    1. GRACE FOR THE MOMENT: This is a year devotional, it is filled with inspirations and motivations to help us get through each day and its difficulties, it teaches us to see God in everything and how to choose happiness, and joy always irrespective of trial and tribulations.


    1. TRAVELING LIGHT: derived from psalm twenty three, Max Lucado teaches us how to hand over our worries and cares to God, he makes us understand that a lot of us carry a lot of luggage’s spiritually, they may include anger, sadness and many more, he make us understand that our God is a good God who is not only capable of carrying this problems on our behalf but is willing to help us out.


    1. JUST INCASE YOU EVER WONDER: in this book, Max Lucado helps us express love to our kids, we know that all children irrespective of race and gender want one thing and that is to know that we love them and will always be there to support them, Max helps us express unconditional love to our children.


    1. BEFORE AMEN: In this book, we are taught how to pray better, we are taught how to pray confidently it’s a book for both beginners and expert in prayer Christians we were made to understand that prayer is so important that disciples in the bible asked Jesus for a guide on to pray well.


    1. THE CRIPPLED LAMB: using the story of Joshua the lamb who was left behind in Bethlehem because he was different, max Lucado teaches children that they are very well loved no matter how different they feel they are, he teaches them that the love of God is for all.
    2. HOW HAPPINESS HAPPENS: in this book, we are taught how to achieve happiness, we are taught that some of the things we attribute to happiness are only sources of temporary happiness, we are taught how to identify and trash out the sources of unhappiness, we are also shown that in the bible the happiest people were those who were willing to give.


    1. JUST LIKE JESUS: Max Lucado in this book helps us understand that Christianity from a new perspective, he carefully studied the life of Jesus and how he was honest, compassionate and generally better than good, it teaches us that Christianity means to be Christ like therefore we must emulate Jesus to be good Christians.


    1. GOD WILL USE THIS FOR GOOD: one thing that is sure about God is the fact that he can work with any and every situation, we are taught in this book that we should run to God in times of trouble and he will always rescue us, if we are patient enough to do it his way.


    1. HE STILL MOVES STONES: there are stories in the bible of the greatness of God, how he was merciful and forgiving, how he healed, how he spoke to people and how he provided for them, its important that we always remember that all the stories in the bible are a part of our history and they happened, therefore we must keep in mind that the God who freed the Israelites from Egypt can free us from our situations because he is still the same God and he never fails, he still cares about us and answers our prayers.


    1. FACING YOUR GIANTS: this books helps us draw answers from the life of David and how he dealt with his goliath, goliath in this sense is any problem which we are facing that may seem huge and bigger than we can handle, we are given a guide by Max Lucado on how to deal with them.


    1. HERMIE: this book by max Lucado teaches children that there is a reason for their individual creation; max helps them to understand through the story of a worm and his group of friends that they have a purpose here on earth.


    1. NO WONDER THEY CALL HIM THE SAVIOR: Max Lucado in this book introduces Jesus to us in a different way, he shows us a messiah who has kept his every word to us, he showed us a savior who died for us on the cross, it shows us a man who showed love to people who despised him.
    2. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS: in this book, we are reminded of the fact that god is always with us both in Good and tough times, we are reminded that God promised us that everything will be okay but he did not say it will be easy, Max Lucado in this book, reminds us of God never forgetting about us with the story of joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery and how God saved the situation even though it took time.


    1. 3:16: In this book max tries to teach teenagers the importance of John 3:16 to their lives, he brings insight to the life of faith of teenagers.


    1. GOD WILL HELP YOU: in this we are reminded of our human weaknesses and how some times they can be over whelming, Max helps us to understand that by trusting God we will overcome our worst fears and challenges.
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