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Marriage – Matt Hagee Sermon 2021

    Matt Hagee Sermon Marriage –  Psalms 133 says behold, how blessed and good it is for brethren’s to dwell together in unity. Because anytime God finds unity, he commands a blessing. Unity means living together in agreement. Unity is valuable in every relationship and marriage.

    John 15 vs. 12 says, this is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. God has given us the directive to love one another, in other to do this very well we have to realize that some of the people God connects us are just not normal.

    How do we define normal? Normal in a relationship is not the kind of relationships seen on TV or the kind of relationships our grand parents have or parents have. What we need to recognize whenever it comes to the standard of normality is that we have to stop looking at the world; we have to stop reading magazines in search of normal.

    To find normal as a Christian you have to live by the standard of the word of God. When its comes to marriage, what our parents have taught us matter’s in fact, its sometimes a great point of reference but that’s not the standard of normal. We have to know who created marriage and that is God.

    In genesis 1 vs. 27  it says he created the male and the female. God created the male and female to complement each other not compete with one another. When he created the male and the female, he set aside a very significant and special covenant relationship called marriage that this two would exist in the bond of matrimony and they together would be the foundation of society.

    Part of the problem of the society is a foundational issue, its because families are finding it difficult to stay together, if the family is strong, then the churches will be strong and then the cities will be strong, which in turn will lead to nations being strong and everything will be functional.

    It is important that both parties love themselves greatly make your partner feel extra ordinary. 1st Corinthians 13vs 5 says love does not see its own. That means we should not put ourselves first, we have to put our partners at the top of the list, Jesus said the son of man did not come to be served but to serve, let’s us try out best to prioritize our partners and not love in a selfish way.

    Bible verses for this preaching

    1st Corinthians 13vs 5

    Genesis 1 vs. 27


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