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Marie Diggs : Biography, Age, Family, Ministry & Net Worth


    Marie Diggs is an American Evangelist, a renowned author and the founder and leader of Marie Diggs Ministries.

    Who is Marie Diggs?


    The American born Evangelist and author, Marie Diggs has known in her heart since she was five years old that God would use her to evangelize the world and has since her childhood prepared herself for it.

    Maria Diggs’s age and birthday is currently not available but will be updated as soon as we get any veriafiable information regarding it.

    Diggs became a member of the Word of Faith International Christian Center in 1987. Soon after, God placed a desire in her heart to attend ministry school, from which she graduated with honors in 1993. She returned to her church’s Outreach Department after graduating from ministerial school, where she continued to establish programs and plan events to win the lost to Christ and grow God’s Kingdom.

    Marie Diggs Biography

    In 1997, Marie took on her first job as a staff evangelist and went to live in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1998, she became an official minister of the gospel and got a job as a staff evangelist at a church called Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan. Marie spent almost 20 years at this church, where she did many different jobs like leading outreach and street evangelism, managing a prayer center that was open all the time, and being in charge of healing services.

    Family Life

    Marie is happily married to Marvin Diggs  with whom she resides in the state of Michigan. Information regarding Marie Diggs’ children, parents and siblings are currently not available.


    Marie Diggs Ministries is a Christian, non-profit organization based in the state of Michigan. We are financially supported by contributions from partners and friends of the ministry.

    Marie Diggs Ministries (MDM) began when God gave Marie and her husband, Minister Marvin Diggs, a special mission. This mission was inspired by their strong desire to tell people all around the world about Jesus Christ and His teachings. Over the years, Marie has traveled to many different places, spreading love and sharing God’s Word.

    Marie Diggs Ministries

    This has brought about positive spiritual changes in people’s lives as she talks about Christ with everyone. Marie has been given opportunities to talk about God’s Word in various countries like the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Poland, and Southern India. She even got to teach Bible school in the Czech Republic and lead a three-day Healing Conference in South Africa.

    Today, Marie keeps on motivating Christians everywhere, both close by and around the world, using BE BOLD Evangelism Conferences and Evangelism Training Courses. She also leads sessions about Faith and Healing, where the power of God’s message helps people feel more confident in their hearts to get healing through Jesus Christ. These Faith and Healing Services by MDM are for everyone and take place in different parts of the United States.

    Marie has written books like “Be Bold Evangelism Training Manual,” “Grow and Transform the World,” and “Healing is Yours.” She’s a passionate speaker of the Gospel. When she preaches, her words come with a lot of passion and energy, and they bring about changes in the lives of those who listen and accept God’s Word.

    Marie Diggs Net Worth

    At the moment, we do not have any verifiable information regarding the net worth of Marie Diggs. Same will be updated as soon as we have apt information on it.

    Social Media

    You can follow Diggs teachings and life events on the following social media platforms;

    Facebook: Marie Diggs Ministries

    Instagram: @mariediggsministries

    Youtube: Marie Diggs Ministries

    Maria Diggs Sermon

    See Some notable sermons by Evangelist Maria Diggs below:


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