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Make It Happen – T.D Jakes Motivational

    Make It Happen T.D Jakes Motivational :  God uses ordinary people. Your life is not going to be a straight line and the Old Testament reveals this to us by showing us the lives of people who were called how people were good and bad, strong and weak, right and wrong, victorious and victimised.

    There is going to be peaks and valleys, uprising and down setting along life’s journey because such is life. Sometimes it is not spiritual attack or warfare but “life is doing what life does”. Life gives and takes, makes you cry and laugh.

    Your history is always a glimpse of what you will do in your destiny. God is going to use something you already did and take it to the next level and use it to bless you. The very thing your friends ask you to stop doing or being might be the very thing that may get your whole life changed. Your business can be Christ’s platform. God did not put you on that job for money but for purpose. In order to walk with Jesus, you have to walk away from what you had in mind.

    It does matter who you are connected with because there are certain benefits and favours that come not because of who you are but because of who you are connected to (the right people). Sometimes your blessing is in the relationship with the very person they are trying to cut you off from. Your next can be in your connections. There are blessings you will get just because you are connected with Jesus.

    There is something that God puts inside of people that your present, intellect or background can not do for you. If you have got education and don’t have or establish that thing, you still might not be successful in life.

    Watch and learn from this wonderful motivational by Bishop TD Jakes and remian blessed as you do so.

    Video credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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