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LYNNE HYBELS : Biography and Everything You Need To Know About Him


    Lynne Hybels is a renowned author and preacher. She is the wife of Billy Hybels with whom she co-founded  Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. Lynne is the author of  Nice Girls Don’t Change the World and a columnist for Sojourners magazine.

    Lynne Hybels Biography


    Lynne Hybels was born on the 21 November 1951, making her  70 years of age as of 2022 being the time of writing this article.  Mrs Hybbels will mark her 71 birthday on the 21 day of November 2022.


    Lynne is married to Bill Hybels who is the founder and former senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church. The couples got married in May 1974.

    Lynne Hybels husband Bill Hybels

    Lynne’s hudsband Bill William Hybels is an American church figure and author. He is the founding and former senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Bill was born on the 12 December 1951 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States.

    Their marriage is blessed with two children named; Shauna Niequist and Todd Hybels.

    Lynne Hybels’ daughter Shauna is a bestselling Christian author. Lynne and her husband Bill has also co-authored  a book called “fit to be tied” in 1997, where they wrote down the  struggles which they experienced in marriage and the lesson they learnt from it. Lynne and her husband have proven to be good examples to married couples and families by standing by each other through thick and thin.


    Lynne’s mother is Leah Barry. Nothing is said about her father.



    Willow Creek Community Church was founded by Lynne Hybels and her husband Bill Hybels on the 12th of October 1975.  It started out as a high school ministry but grew to become one of the biggest churches in the United State. Neither Bill nor Lynne ever thought that the small ministry they started will grow to become one of the biggest and influential churches in the United States.

    Throughout her life, Lynne has always been generous about her faith journey. She also made it known on her blog that 25 years ago, at that time she was 40 years old and being married to a public pastor, she entered an era of spiritual crisis but through her husband and other spiritual counselors, she was able to discover healing truths about herself and God.

    After struggling and overcoming her spiritual life issues, she went on a journey of becoming a world changer, she established a fundraising initiative called  ‘Ten for Congo’ to support women and children in Congo who were victims of rape and abuse during the civil war.

    Lynne’s service and love for God led her to visit places like Israel, Congo, Lebanon, Iraq, and so many other countries, thus becoming a world changer as her impact is notable in all of these countries. She is also an advocate for victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa. According to her, all of these helped her to find hope in the hopeless.

    In 2005, she wrote a book titled: “Nice girls don’t change the world”. She writes in her book “at thirty nine I was a people-pleasing ‘nice girl’ who knew how to make everybody else happy but was seriously depressed myself. During the next decade, I gradually discovered hope and joy as I owned my own dreams, strengths, passion and calling to engage actively in the world”.


    As an author Lynne Hybels has written a lot of life changing and inspirational books some of which include:

    • Rediscovering the church: the story and vision of willow creek community church 1995.
    • Love the last 1995
    • Nice girls don’t change the world 2005
    • The joy of personal worship 1984
    • Making love last: how to keep the right partner for you
    • Neu dem liebenden got begegnen 2001


    Lynne hybbels can be followed and found on

    Instagram; @lynnehybels

    Twitter: @lynnehybels

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