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Lungz Makaula Sermons Take Heart Again 2

    Lungz Makaula Sermons Take Heart Again 2: when the Jewish Christians were going through a tough time, they became discouraged and they began to question their decision to covert to Christianity and if they should covert back to Judaism and asking if Jesus was God’s final answer. this is because they put their faith, trust, hopes and dreams in God but after all this changes, they find out that they have only continued to suffer, they came to the point of asking themselves if the cost of following Jesus is really worth it.

    Lungz Makaula tells us that we all have at some point experienced the cost of Christianity, we all must have experienced some siege in this world and time we live in. we were advised just like the Jewish community to not throw away the confidence they have in Christ Jesus but to return and continue in faithful perseverance.

    Irrespective of the trials you are facing or have faced, we are encouraged not to throw away the hope we have in Christ Jesus but rather remain consistent in your believe. we were made to understand that Jesus is greater and there is no plan B, he is enough, there is no other option, there is no other alternative because he is greater than out troubles and tribulations, our sickness and our financial struggles he is greater than everything and will see us through and this is our Good news.

    We must build our hope on Jesus, he should be our foundation, in him is the best place to plant ourselves and family, he will cater for us and when we place our all in him,  it would not matter what year or season we are in because we know that God has got us and he will not forsake us and at the same time whatever is happening in the world will not detect our destinies and end.



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