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Live With Anticipation – Joel Osteen (August-05-2021)

    Joel Osteen (August-05-2021) Watch Message: Live With Anticipation. When you live with expectancy, where your faith can be seen in your expressions, in your attitude, in how you talk, that’s going to cause God to notice you in a new way. God is always with us. He has us in the palm of his hand, but faith is what gets his attention.

    Joel Osteen is a preacher who gives inspiration!

    And that’s true, he is positive, his sermons are positive, his ministry is positive. The parishioners of his church are very successful people, as a result! How does he inspire millions of people around the world? Let’s find out!

    Joel Austen began preaching in 1999, but his ministry began long before: in 1982, Osteen

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    Joel Osteen Online Sermon. 



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