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Let’s Talk – Ebenezer Quaye – Toure Roberts Ministries

    Let’s Talk -Ebenezer Quaye -Toure Roberts Ministries – The bible tells the believers that their speech should always be seasoned with grace and that we should know how we are to answer each one. Each one represents our family, neighbours or strangers even ourselves.

    How do we talk to ourselves, those conversations and thoughts we have within ourselves, Have we mastered our own inner monologue enough to be able to speak to someone else? We have to be able to rule our inner monologue to enable us speak correctly outwardly.

    The fruit of your inner dialogue will always affect that of the outer dialogue. If we are not able to organise our own thoughts, then we will miss things and clues in dialogues that God blesses us to have with other people. Every single encounter we have is not just random, it’s from God. So, when we train ourselves to handle each one of our thoughts right, then when we get into discussion with others, we can follow what is being discussed.

    This conversations can be online, twitter and other social media accounts, they could be just a comment or a write up, we have to gather and organise our inner conversations, talk to ourselves right because how we talk to others is a reflection of our own monologue.

    One way to manage your discussion is by going into meaningful and elevating conversations don’t go into meaningless conversation’s, go into conversations that will lead to your growth or the growth of person you are discussing with.

    We are advised to talk in a Godly manner as Christians in the modern church, and in our interaction with others. We have to know who we are before we converse with others. We have to be humble in God when we speak.

    By humility we do not mean approaching low, we mean knowing who you are in Jesus, knowing the magnitude of what God has given you, the fullness of creation that you are, and your identity as the child of God and the full understanding that you are beautifully and fearfully made and, then taking all of this and entering a conversation.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    Colossians 4 vs. 6

    Philippians chapter 2 vs.1


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