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Lakewood Church Sunday Live Service June 19 2022

    Lakewood Church Sunday Live Service June 19 2022 : You are divinely welcome to today’s  Sunday live service at Lakewood Church June 19 2022 .

    Be rest assured that it is a service you will love to watch. The senior pastor of Lakewood Church who is Joel Osteen has changed the lives of many Americans, Europeans, Asians and Africans through his teachings and way of life.

    Inviting everyone on Instagram to this Sunday service, Lakewood Church wrote:

    “You may have made some mistakes, or had some setbacks, but God is saying, “I’m still working in you. What I started, I’m going to bring to completion.”

    There will be an exclusive interview with Joel Osteen and Derek Carr (@DerekCarrQB) during our service tomorrow that you don’t want to miss!

    We look forward to seeing you and your family this weekend!

    SATURDAY 7PM CT (Rebroadcast Online)
    SUNDAY 8:30AM, 11AM CT (In-person & Online)
    SUNDAY 7PM CT (Online)”

    Watch and learn from this live Sunday service at Lakewood Church on June 19 2022 as we bring the latest Sunday messages from Pastors in the United States of America to you.

    Video Credit: Lakewood Church YouTube

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