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Juanita Bynum: Biography and Everything you need to know about Juanita Bynum

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    This article on the Biography of Juanita Bynum is designed to discuss and provide relevant information on :

    1. Juanita Bynum Biography
    2. Juanita Bynum age/ date of birth and birthday
    3. Juanita Bynum husband and children
    4. Juanita Bynum net worth
    5. Juanita Bynum career
    6. Juanita Bynum family: parents and siblings
    7. Juanita Bynum quotes
    8. Juanita Bynum books

    Juanita Bynum is a famous American gospel singer, author, and pastor and a self – proclaimed prophetess. The best definition of Juanita is a woman of multi-talent. Using her own mistakes as a basis for her sermons, prophetess Juanita Bynum has dedicated herself to reaching others with a message from God, a message that offers healing and encouragement through suggesting celibacy for singles.

    Worthy of note is that the New York Times described her as “the most prominent black female television evangelist in the country.


    She was born on the 16 January 1959  Chicago, Illinois, United States. Accordingly she is 63 years old (2022). She marks her birthday on the 16th day of January every year.


    She was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.


    Juanita Bynum is born to her parents Thomas Bynum Sr. (father) and Katherine Bynum (mother).

    Dr. Juanita has four siblings, three sisters and a brother named Kathy Bynum, Janice Bynum, Regina Bynum (sisters) and Thomas Bynum (brother).


    Dr. Juanita Bynum was previously married to Wesley Weeks III. Their marriage lasted for 6 years, from 2002 to 2008.  Before her marriage with Wesley, she was married to another man and their marriage ended as a result of domestic violence. Worthy to note that Dr. Juanita’s first and second marriage ended as a result of domestic violence. Upon the termoniation of her second marriage, Juanita summoned courage to publicize the fact that hyer two marraiages eneded as a result of domestic violence. This information came with a lot of shocks and suprises as people have always perceived her marital life as a happy and successful one.


    Dr. Juanita is a multi-talented woman. She is a pastor, author and a gospel singer. She has been into singing and song writing since 1995.  Juanita has worked with RCA Labels.

    Academically , she received a doctoral degree in theology from Truth for Living Bible College in Jacksonville, Florida.  She also has a bachelor in ministry and business administration. Juanita has several other degrees. She is a sample of a versatile woman.


    The net worth of Dr. Bynum is approximately $10,000,000 (ten Million dollars). She accumulated her wealth through her career as an American actress, singer, author and televangelist.


    In addition to being an evangelist and actress, Dr. Bynum is a renowned author with many wonderful books to her credit.

    Below are some books by Dr. Juanita:

    1. The threshing floor
    2. No more sheets: the truth about sex
    3. Matters of the heart: stop trying
    4. My spiritual inheritance
    5. Topical bible
    6. Don’t get off the train
    7. Praying from the third dimension
    8. Experiencing his presence
    9. A heart for Jesus
    10. Morning glory: devotional


    Dr. Junanita has through her work of evangelism contributed to the spiritual growth and developemnt of thousands of people worldwide. Encounter with her sermons will leave you fully positively impacted.

    Below are some inspiring and educative sermons by Dr. Juanita:

    1. Recalibrated: keep it moving
    2. Your vision is not dead work it
    3. You were chosen to be helped
    4. The power the depths of worship
    5. My imprint did it
    6. Work with the warfare
    7. Your purpose in prayers
    8. The power of a finisher


    Below are some thoughtful and educative quotes by Dr. Juanita:

    1. When a bomb detonates, it explodes because of what’s on the inside, not the outside… Take care of yourself!
    2. Don’t let the enemy steal another moment of your joy and peace! Take it back!
    3. The Truth that you know is what makes you free.
    4. Don’t try to figure everything out yourself. Rest in The Lord – He has you!
    5. What is man’s opinion over God’s decision for your life! If God said it, that settles it!
    6. You learn from mentors or experience.
    7. The teacher has not taught until the pupil has learned. Your legacy outlives you.
    8. Little people can do big things. There is always room to make a difference!
    9. God is always attracted to people who don’t have enough.
    10. Deliverance is coming to you and your household! Believe and receive it! There is nothing too difficult for God.


    Instagram: @iamdrjuanitabynum

    Twitter: @iamdrjbynum


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