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Compilation of Best and Most Inspiring Sermons by Joyce Meyer

    Joyce Meyer Sermons: Here is a compendium of Joyce Meyer Sermons. Pauline Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author, speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She is the wife of Dave Meyer and mother of Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, Laura Marie Holtzmann, and David Meyer.

    Joyce Meyer has contributed immensely towards the spiritual growth and development of millions of people world wide through her sermons, devotionals and daily teachings. She has ben out helping the less privileged. He owns and manages foundations aimed towards giving better life to the poor in the society.

    We have taken time to compile some of the best sermons by Joyce Meyer. The essence of this compilation of the top Joyce Meyer sermons is to provide a one stop shop for Joyce Meyer sermons. If you are looking for full sermon by Joyce Meyer, then this post on compilation of Joyce Meyer Messages is fir you. One notable thing about Joyce Meyer sermons is that they are insightful and motivation. Listening to Joyce Meyer sermons should be everyone’s daily activity. Build your spirituality wth Jyce Meyer sermons.

    Watch, Listen and learn from these top Joyce Meyer best sermons

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    It is important to maintain a peaceful heart; stay relaxed in your soul. The more we have God’s anointing, the easier things are going to be and God can use. When you get all tensed God is not going to be able to flow through you. When you’re trying so hard you get tensed. So, it is important to guard your heart, the enemy will be trying to get you upset about something. Everything that the enemy brings your way there is an answer in the word of God. It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are, the enemy will try to come against you. Satan is determined to spoil your progress; so it’s important pay attention to what you’re thinking.

    The next time you feel depressed you need to ask yourself what you’ve been thinking? The answer lies there, it may be your past, or the mistakes you’ve made, and only God can fix that for you. You have to determine that you’re going to have a good life.

    You need to guard what gets into your heart, (John 14:1-28) God wants to give you a peace that functions in the middle of the storm. When you have a problem, it is okay for you to go on an enjoy your life. You need to let God take care of your problems; you can’t handle it.


    Faith is the only antidote for fear. Faith is how God gains access into our lives, and fear is the way the enemy get access into our lives. You will feel fear, but feeling fear and being afraid are two different things. You can’t always do something about your feelings but you can make a choice to go forward anyway no matter what you’re gong through. If the only time you do something right is when you feel right then you’re in trouble. You have to be able to manage yourself, if you do that right you will grow and prosper. Will power alone is not enough to make you successful, you need God in everything you do.

    When you trust God things would be easy for you, the Bible says he chooses the foolish things to confound the wise. God is not looking for people that are qualified, He’s looking for those that are available. Sometimes you believe God can do anything but maybe he cannot do it for you. Most times we feel we don’t deserve God’s goodness. The only reason God gives you to not fear is because He’s always with you. So how do you feel about yourself? You need to stop comparing yourself with somebody else? You believe too much on what everybody else says and forget what God has said. You will have the last laugh if you stick with God. God is on your side.


    You need to let go of that fear. There will be feelings, doubting, testing, but you can do what God tells you to do. One of the fears we deal with is that we are not going to get what we want. Then we start taking matters into our own hands. If you don’t get what you want then you’re not supposed to have it. Nobody can give you what God doesn’t give you. Jesus never wanted to go to the cross, you don’t have to do what God wants you to do. You’d be surprised at what God wants you to do, but you have to do it anyway.

    Another fear we have is the fear of failure and imperfection. You will make mistakes; you don’t need to put pressure on yourself. You wouldn’t need Jesus if you’re perfect. Get comfortable being imperfect, God would rather you try and fail than not try at all. Another fear is the fear of man, if you’re goal in life is to be liked then you’ll be ready to compromise because that’s the only way anyone is going to ever like you. (Galatians 1:9) Are you trying to please God or people? You have to be prepared that not everyone is going to like you.


    You have to learn how to be honest with yourself about yourself. It is not just knowing the truth that makes us free, it is about applying the truth that you know. Maybe you’ve messed up in life and the enemy is making you believe in a lie that you’re going to live an inferior life. That’s a lie! You do not need to live in fear because God is the redeemer. The devil is a deceiver and we need to be free from his deception. You need to be honest about yourself, you need to expose all those hidden things to God so he can set you free. Jeremiah 17:9, sometimes we have ideas about ourselves that are lofty, we need to continuously pray to God that; God help me not to be deceived.

    There s no reason for anybody to feel sorry for you, because you’ve got hope. You may have a bad situation but you’ve got God and that gives you answers. You have two options; you can either be powerful or pitiful but you can’t be both at the same time. When you know who you really are, you may not feel good about yourself, but it should you take you from where you are at the moment, to where God wants you.


    The word doubt in Greek language which means ‘to be without a way’. But we have a way because Jesus is the way. Some of the reasons we waiver back and forth, is because we think if we are wrong and God doesn’t come through then we are going to be embarrassed. Ephesians 3:12 God doesn’t want you to have small faith, he wants you to have big faith. If you dare step out in your faith the enemy is going to tell you, who do you think you are?  You need to be bold and aggressive with your faith, you can ask God for anything you want.

    If you look at yourself and think because of your mistakes you don’t expect God to do good things for you then you’re living a lie. The interesting thing is that whatever you’re not God it. God told Joshua would be with you as I was with Moses. God wants you to step out in faith, you cannot continue to liv in self-pity and doubt. God has great plans for you. If you can dare the enemy and step out in faith then that is all that there is to it. You need to hang on to God’s promises. Stop doubting yourself, God doesn’t do great things for you because you’re great, he does them because he is great.

    1. WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO – Joyce Meyer Sermons

    Excessive talking about the wrong things is probably one of our biggest problems. It’s alright to vent a little when you’re frustrated but when you continue to talk about it; it keeps you focused on it and the more you fucus on it the bigger it becomes. In Mark 5, Jarius came to Jesus that his child was dying and while Jesus was going to the house with Jarius news came that his daughter was dead. But Jesus heard it but ignored what they said, then he said to Jarius just keep on believing. When you don’t know what to do about your problems then you just have to keep on believing.

    What can you do when you don’t know what to do? Believe. God knows what to do, there are some many things that are going on in the world today but because we know the person who does know what to do, then you need to believe. All we have to do is put our trust in God, when you focus on your problems too much, you get distracted. You need to look away from all your problems that would make you lose faith. just keep your eyes on Jesus and he will fix things.


    We owe it to Jesus to have the best life we can possibly have. God loves to surprise us because he made a redemption plan for us and we didn’t even know. So we need to do that which is important; and what is important is that we need to love the Lord our God with all our mind, all our soul and with all our strength. You cannot have an obedient life without first having an obedient thought life. You can cast down wrong thoughts, you don’t need to receive all the thoughts that comes into your head and roll them over in your mind. The enemy will sneak up on you and try to put the wrong things in your mind. You need to shut the door against those wrong thoughts before they go too far.

    You can choose your own thoughts; you don’t have to think about whatever thought comes to your head. You have the word of God, so you can fight the enemy with the word of God. It is your weapon against Satan. The enemy would attack your mind but when that happens you need to know how to fight; you confess the word of God out loud. 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5 this scripture is talking about mental strong holds and the Bible says you should cast them down.


    One of the things we need to do to live bold and courageous lives is the ability to confront things that needs confrontations. Most people don’t like confrontations, but you need to be able to confront those that manipulate you. The enemy hides behind these kinds of people because he is a controller and a manipulator. There is nothing worse than having a manipulator close to you, the longer you let a relationship like that go on, the harder it is to get out of it. The only person allowed to control you is the Holy Spirit.

    Now this does not mean you should be rebellious or refuse to submit to authority. But when someone is trying to manipulate you or make you do things, they want you to do, then you should be ready to confront them. You may be on the borderline of missing destiny because you’re overly concerned about the opinion of others. If you’re left with nobody but God you still got the best deal. Confront your past! Sometimes you can let people be free from something by confronting it. Getting away does not solve the problem, you’ve got to deal with it. When you don’t deal with those things in your soul, you carry them along with you.


    The word of God is the food you need for your spirit. There is inherent power in the word of God, if you listen to God’s word intentionally it feeds your soul. It is not up to the teacher, you need to come to God hungry and with the attitude of receiving. The word of God strengthens us in the spirit. Each day when you feel overwhelmed, it’s best you sit down and ask God to help you.

    One of the things that keeps us weak in sprit is hidden sin, David prayed that God will heal him from the weight he didn’t know was there. When something is wrong and you cannot place a finger on it, that is the moment to ask God the question he has been waiting for you to ask. We always think whenever we are unhappy it’s our circumstances, but a lot of times it’s our attitude or somethings that we’ve not dealt with. You need to ask God, what is wrong?

    We run so fast in life that many times we’re dragging all these problems we don’t even know were there. Sometimes we just run around with guilt. Maintaining a righteousness consciousness in your life it takes staying close to God’s word.


    If you want to love people that are hard to love, the first thing to do is pray for yourself to have a proper attitude before you pray for them to change. Don’t ever go to God with another person’s fault, if you don’t go with a humble attitude. Just because we think we know what’s wrong with somebody doesn’t mean that we do. When we see our own faults, we will be patient with the fault of others. You cannot be blind to your fault and see the fault of those people you don’t like. You could have more problems than the people you’re finding it difficult to love.

    Pray for those people with humility (Romans 12:3), sometimes being judgmental is a mechanism we come up with, to not have to deal with what is going on in our lives. You need to spend less time on other people and more time on you. Pray that God will help them be all he wants to be. Pray that God will help them to see when they hurt other people. Behavior modification is not just what people need; they need a heart change. It important we live more sacrificially for the sake of the gospel.  You can kill the meanness in people with kindness.

    1. HAVE A WITH TALK GOD – Joyce Meyer sermons

    We have spiritualized the idea of prayer, basically it is having a conversation with God. Many times, when we hear something to often it loses it’s meaning. Having a conversation with God means talking and listening. God talks to his people, so when you’re praying you need to pay attention and listen to what God has to say. There are variety way we hear from God, you don’t need to go around hearing voices all day.  Our prayers are like sacrifices going up to God.

    Sometimes we need to think about what we are gong to say to God, we do not just open our mouth because we want God to see that we are eloquent. Prayer is so powerful because we are talking to the most powerful being in the universe, and with him nothing is impossible. We think we are more spiritual when we spend hours repeating the same word over and over again. Anytime there is anything hurting then you should have a talk with God.

    You need to know how to do life with God. It is impossible to have a relationship without a conversation, it is important to spend time with God. The one thing we have to stop doing with God is pretending and approaching him with religiosity. Be real with God.


    If you’re ever going to have real happiness, you need to understand the grace of God. Grace is not only God’s undeserved favor; grace is what changes us. Grace is God’s power coming to us freely and all we have to do is receive it and it enables us to do with ease what we could have done with our effort. We are saved by grace, and we receive salvation by that same grace. Anytime you feel frustrated it’s because you’re trying to do something only God can do. You need to also realize that God will not do things in our own timing, you pray about it and let God work.

    1 Corinthians 15:10, it is only because of God’s grace that we can do things that we never expected that we could do. To keep doing God’s work you need grace. You have to depend on God’s grace for everything. If you’re in a difficult situation you have to depend on God’s grace to see you through it all. When you forget all of your worries and rely solely on God things happen with ease. God will do things and be happy while you’re doing it.

    1. THE KEYS TO PEACE -Joyce Meyer Sermons

    We always want our circumstances to change, but it is not the responsibility of others to keep your peace and joy. It is your responsibility to maintain your peace and joy. If you’re willing to trust God more, you can access peace. Our strength, physically and spiritually is dependent on peace. To get emotionally upset is hard work, it wears you out. When we’re upset it is the worst time n the world to make decisions. The Bible says we are not supposed to be intimated by anytime but if we stay calm it is a sign to devil that he can’t control us and a sign to God to deliver us (Philippians 1:28-29). When a person is in a circumstance that should upset them and they stay calm it means the devil has no control over them.

    You need to be committed to staying calm and being peaceful. When we have a problem, we instinctively want to act immediately, but we need to know what God wants us to do. And the only way to do that is to stay calm and remain quiet. Let God prove himself to you while you’re waiting on him. If you stay angry day to day, it’s only going to hurt you. Let emotions subside before you decide.

    1. STAYING STRONG – Joyce Meyer sermons

    If we stay strong spiritually no matter what comes against us, we can make it through. We can do all things through Christ who is our strength, we can get so strong that when we have a problem, we’ll still help others. Our strength is in Christ Jesus, we need to draw strength from God. Whatever strength you hope to have in life. It has to be from God. He is our strength. Everyday you need to ask God for strength before you get into any difficulty. You need to be ready for whatever comes your way, and you also need to know you have the victory before the battle even comes your way.

    The world needs to see a set of people that are stable, faith or relationship with God does not guarantee that we will never have a problem, but this relationship makes us to understand that when there is a problem, we can rise above it. The minute we have problems we don’t need to go to the phone we need to go to the throne. Whatever we are facing at the moment we need to know that we can do it. You’ve got what it takes, God is on your side. The mind is the battle field you need to confess that Christ s your strength and you cannot afford to give up.


    1. YOUR MIND AND YOUR MOUTH – Joyce Meyer Sermons

    What are you waiting for you in your life? Are you waiting for good news? (Isaiah 30:18 Amp) it says the Lord is waiting to be good to you. The Lord is good and he is waiting to be good to you. But he has to find somebody to be good to them, think, believe and expect that good things will happen to you. If your imaginations are filled with bad thoughts then it might be difficult for good things to happen to you. You do not have to think of whatever falls into your head, you can choose your thinking. Do not think bad things about other people.

    Every time we put somebody else down then we are thinking highly of ourselves than we ought to. Words have consequences, death and life are n the power of the mouth. You don’t lose your joy; you gave it away. It is important that you talk about good things, and think about good things so you can live in joy. Be joyful (James 3). If you can control your mind then you’re can control your whole body. One word can bring so much joy and one word can cause so much trouble. Being sad will only make it worse not better.


    1. BURNT BUT NOT BITTER – Joyce Meyer Podcast (Enjoying Everyday Life)

    If you don’t get good at forgiving then you’re up for a miserable ride. Forgiveness is nothing more and nothing less of self-healing. You’re empowering yourself by telling them to stop hurting you. If someone has hurt you, don’t let them keep hurting you so, you have to forgive them. Pray for them, try to believe the best and get on with your life. Hating people doesn’t change them, many times they don’t even know you’re offended. So, do yourself a favor and forgive them. The very people who tempt you to compromise will be the very people who would talk ill about you when you do it.

    Joseph forgave his brothers who treated him badly, and Joseph said to them what you meant for my harm, God intended it for my good. God allowed Joseph to go through all of these, because it was meant for the maturing of Joseph. Sometimes when people hurt you God has a plan. You would look back and say that is how I grew up in God. You need to let your test become your testimony. We are so much in love with Jesus when nothing hurts, but God will test us with hard times. God does this because he has a plan and a purpose for you.


    1. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FORGIVE – Joyce Meyer sermon

    Unforgiveness in the heart of believer is the single biggest open door for the devil. There are a lot of angry people in the church, some persons have been angry so long that they don’t even know they are angry anymore. Anger affects the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Anytime we know that there is strife, we always take the aggressive role to make that thing right. (Romans 12:18) you cannot do anything about the other person but as afar as it depends on you, be at peace with everyone. Every man will stand before God and give account of his work here on earth. You can only do your part and that’s the only part God is going to make you accountable for.

    If everyone is doing something wrong, you should do the right thing. We there is unity there is anointing and where there is unity there is blessing. We need to protect that anointing at all cost. There is nothing more precious to us than the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You have to pursue forgiveness, seek it and crave for it. We are powerless if we are dividend, you need to keep a foundation of peace. There is no power if there is no peace, make a decision that you’re not going to be mad at anybody.



    People think when the Bible says fear not, it means there are not supposed to feel fear. Fear is not going to go away; the word fear means to take flight. When God says fear not, he’s saying don’t take flight when fear comes because I am with you. God wants you to trust him enough and believe he would show you what to do. When faith steps out, it steps out into the unknown. When God gives you a dream or vision for your life is not something you can just get away from. god wants to give you courage to go ahead and do what he’s telling you to do. The only way to get victory is to go after it and conquer it.

    We run away from things when we are afraid, God wants us to deal with it. He doesn’t want us to run away from it, he’s not going to take it away, he wants us to deal with it. If you have the reverential fear of God, then you can trade fear for fear. The reverential fear of God is the healthy fear, but we should never fear what God wants you to do.



    You have to confront strife; it kills the blessing and kills the anointing (1 Corinthians 3:3). God does not do everything for us, he partners with us, he guides us; God need us. Being a Christian is not just about going to church, but the real question is are you committed to do the right thing when no one is looking? You need to know if you will do God’s will no matter how you feel about it.

    We have no power if we are not unified, it is impossible to get along with people if you’re not going to be extremely generous with forgiveness. Strife is very interesting; it is a huge problem but you need to make a commitment to forgive. If we don’t forgive other people God will not forgive us.  He never gives up on us, so why do you give up on people? Whoever you might be mad at, maybe, they don’t deserve your forgiveness but you deserve peace.

    God never tells us to do something that is hard for us to do. We all have the responsibility to keep strife out of our lives. Where there is strife there is pride. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage from our lives. Strife kills the anointing; you need to be a strife stopper.

    1. THE POWER OF RESTRAINT – Joyce Meyer Sermon

    Restraint is actually self-control, James 4:7 says we should submit ourselves to God and we should resist the devil and he will flee. Total complete obedience to God is an important subject. Sometimes we don’t want to hear what we need because we don’t want to hear the truth.

    Part of why we have these trials is because it gives us practice, patience, perseverance and self- control. The only time we grow spiritually is when we do what’s right when it feels wrong. When it is easy it means you’ve grown in that area. If you want God’s blessing to be poured out in your life you cannot have unforgiveness in your heart. Forgiveness is not a feeling, when we pray for God’s blessing the first thing God will likely give you is the revelation of your behavior. Jesus was son of man and son of God and because of him (Jesus) we were brought into the same existence. You need to grow in patience. What you need to do is believe that you are patient. Now the flesh would want to do something else, but you’ve to subject your flesh to the spirit. You can’t keep feeding your flesh, let God work on your flesh.

    If you’re going have self-control then you have to let God help you.



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