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Joyce Meyer – We Spend So Much Time Trying to Be Something We’re Not

    Joyce Meyer Sermon We Spend So Much Time Trying to Be Something We are Not: we try so hard to be someone we are not because we feel we are not good enough, some women feel like they are not normal women, but this might be because they have a different call and purpose, leading to their own uniqueness. they have different interests unlike the other women and that is not a bad thing. the devil however who is usually here to kill steal and destroy will try to confuse you so that you can take a path different from your destiny all in the quest to be a normal woman.

    Joyce Meyer tells us from her experience that sometimes it is obvious and clear that the path of a normal or average woman is not ours because even when we try, when we quit from the path given to us to try the path of another woman, it does not sit well with us, we hate it. also even when we keep trying and working extra on this other path, it just does not seem to favour us, it might seem like all is failing.

    When we do not work on our paths, we do not only rob ourselves of our uniqueness and its benefits, we also manage to rob other people who would have come to find out of their uniqueness through ours of theirs.

    When we take our own path and answer our own call, we set things in motion, we might be the keys to other people realizing their own destinies, merely watching our way of lives can inspire other people to find their own calling. we must behold our uniqueness and do exactly what God has called us to do, it might not be easy but we will definitely flourish in it and people will see God’s glory in our lives.


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