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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON THE PURSUIT OF JOY AND ENJOYMENT : Today we’re going to talk about joy and enjoyment, sometimes we talk a lot about joy but not enough about enjoyment, now we’re actually doing a series here on the deeper life, I didn’t just call it that because I knew it would scare people, but we’re talking about learning how to live deeper not just being a shallow surface believer, who’s just all concerned about what they want, what they think and what they feel, who seeks God only for what he can do for them but never just for who he is.


    The bible says in romans 14 vs. 17 the kingdom of God is not a matter of getting the food and the drink that one desires, it’s about a lot more than just food and drink, there’s a whole principle there, that the kingdom of God is not just me trying to get everything i want, but it is righteousness, peace and joy in the holy spirit


    Pastor Joyce Meyer said, I came to the point in my life where although I had no real reason to be unhappy, I still found that I was unhappy and God taught me that I was a shallow Christian, I didn’t have any depth and you know depth takes time. We must always remember that depth is not something that you get quickly, it takes time. we talk about roots and the bible says that we must bear roots downward and fruit upward so every tree that’s heavily laden with fruit, if the branches are yay so long, then the roots go down just that deep into the ground and i might add that those roots have to be established before you ever see any fruit.


    We get it upside down, we want to do showy things, we want to be in charge of something, we want to be on the platform, we want more money, we want bigger houses, we want all these different things, all we do is want and yet if we have no roots, if we’re not rooted and grounded in Christ and rooted and grounded in his love, if we don’t know him instead of just knowing what he can do for us then we’re just going to be a mess.


    You know I really cringe when some young person in the church or in the world, without having any time to mature or grow up suddenly is shot into a place of stardom because it is one of the most dangerous things that we do to people, because they absolutely do not have the foundation in their life yet of how to handle themselves, how to resist temptation, how to go through hard things and Iā€™m not saying that none of that is ever successful but we all hear horror stories all the time of people who started out representing God and before long, they’re giving in to all the same pressures that an unbeliever would and it’s simply because they got promoted too fast.


    The bible teaches us not to put a new convert in a place of leadership. Joyce Meyer is teaching us to not depart from the goal of our existence which is Christ in our pursuit for joy and enjoyment.


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