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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON THE HOLY SPIRIT IS WITH YOU : The famous preacher and the president of the Joyce Meyer Ministries , Joyce Meyer has come through with this new, encouraging, hope-lifting and inspiring sermon titled ”the holy spirit is with you”. In this message, Joyce Meyer  said, ”I don’t think that the holy spirit gets the attention he deserves, I just really don’t, I feel like he’s with us now and lives in us and has such an amazing everyday all the time ministry in our lives and we very often just don’t pay any attention to him and I had been feeling really an urgency to do some teaching on the holy spirit and so i asked around a little bit and found out that many people told me well we just don’t hear about the holy spirit in our churches like we used to, that doesn’t mean that no church is talking about it all the time but I just every place that I’ve taught even in my own chapel at my office and we’ve got seasoned Christians there they were like this is exactly what i needed to hear it brings a greater awareness that god through the holy spirit is with you all the time and that he’s not an influence or a power but a person a divine person we refer to him as the third person of the trinity but third not being lesser than that’s just the order in which they’re talked about in the very beginning of the bible.

    God said, let us father son and holy spirit make man in our image and all throughout the bible you see that we serve one God manifested in three different persons or personalities and one of my motives today is, I want you to stop thinking that God will guide you and believe that he is guiding you, we’ve always got everything with God, we have to believe that god is leading us and guiding us and many ways when God is guiding us, initially we can think that we’re not getting what we want or we can think that what’s happening is a disappointment but most times God is securing us.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer gives us an example, she said pastor mike and his wife travel with us, we’re good friends, we’ve known them for a lot of years and she’s my administrative assistant, he’s our staff pastor and the time came a few years ago when they really wanted to sell their house, they really felt like they were supposed to sell their house and they put their house up for sale, they knew where they wanted to move, they were really looking forward to it but the house never sold well, you know no matter how much you want to move, if your house don’t sell, you’re kind of there and so penny and I were talking this morning and she said, it’s a good thing that God didn’t give us what we wanted because that area of town where they wanted to move, has since then had a lot of extreme violence in it and so it would have ended up not being a good place for them to be.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer said, we live life forward but we understand it backwards and many times when we’re not getting what we want,  we don’t understand, we’re confused , we think God didn’t hear us, we must learn to trust God and his plans for us.


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