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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON LEAVING THE CROWD BEHIND : The president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and the wife of Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer has come through with this inspiring sermon titled ”leaving the crowd behind”.

    In this Message, Joyce Meyer teaches us in the topic leaving the crowd behind, we’ve all got a crowd you know, it may be your crowd in your neighbourhood, your crowd at work or your crowd at school or maybe some of your extended family but we’ve all got our own little crowd and many times when God touches your life and wants to take you somewhere, the crowd doesn’t want to go and so sometimes you either have to make the decision to not go with God or to leave the crowd behind.


    Mark chapter 4 verse 35 says, and it says that day when evening came, he said to his disciples let us go over to the other side and in chapter 5 verse 1, it says and they arrived on the other side but they had a huge hurricane proportioned storm, how many of you are going through something right now, how many of you are in the middle of something right now, well I want to tell you something between verses chapter 4 verse 35 and chapter 5 verse one is what I call the middle and you know getting started is not hard, that comes with excitement, it comes with exclusive enthusiasm, it’s something new, we’ve got a dream, we’ve got a vision, we’ve got an idea, we’re going to start our own business, we’re going to pay our house off, we’re going to get out of debt, we’re going to lose weight, we’re going to exercise, we’re going to go into ministry.


    How many of you know it’s not hard to get a bright idea about what you’re going to do but I want to tell you honestly and sincerely, there really are so few comparatively that make it to the other side, that finish what they started and it’s because they don’t know how to make it through the middle because many times when you’re going through the middle, you’re like the disciples were Jesus seems to be asleep in the boat and you feel like you’re all alone and it’s tough and you just don’t have all that support and encouragement that you feel like you need.


    Joyce Meyer Defines the highest level of spiritual maturity and by the way that’s what god wants for each and every one of us to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, not just to be saved, not just to go to heaven someday, if that’s all God had for us the moment that we’re born again he would just beam us up, he leaves us here for a reason and that’s because the bible says that we are God’s personal representatives, his ambassadors and the bible says that God is making his appeal to the world through us, that’s amazing, do you know that if Christians would behave the way they ought to, not just go to church but I mean get out of the church and let it help you grow and then get out there and live the life, you don’t even necessarily have to go preach to a bunch of people, if you just live the life then maybe Jesus would have already come because the world would be saved and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.



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