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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGHJoyce Meyer teaches us today about breakthrough, we’re all created by God with unique individual talents that equip us to fulfill every dream he’s calling us to but sometimes life’s challenges hold us back from living out those dreams and it feels like we need a breakthrough.

    The first thing you must do if you ever intend to have any freedom over bondages, is you have to take 100 percent responsibility for where your life is at right now. well you know how hard that is because you know how long it took me to get there, I mean I’m this way because my dad sexually abused me, I’m this way because my mother abandoned me, knew what he was doing wouldn’t help me I’m this way because my first husband was a con man and a petty thief and he ran around with other women, I’m this way because of this and that.

    You know what the lord finally put on my heart that’s true, that’s why you are the way you are but don’t let it become an excuse to stay that way. That’s such a good point, you are where you are no matter who caused you to be here, you are stuck with you and your life and nobody else, now God will help you but nobody else, let’s put it like this a lot of people may want to help you but you can’t depend on somebody else coming along and fixing your mess and even people who want to come along and help fix it they don’t want the full job, they want other people to do something for them.

    I’m going to tell you a quick little story. I didn’t really plan to do this but I only had one sibling who is not alive anymore, he’s nine years younger than me and we both were abused in different ways, he wasn’t abused sexually but he definitely grew up in a home where the father was unpresent, he did teach him, everything he taught him was wrong, he went into the Vietnam war when he was 17 and ended up in the jungles in Vietnam and his sergeant gave the guys drugs over there just to keep them.

    My brother at the age of 17 got addicted to drugs and it was a lifelong problem for him,  but the biggest thing that I always saw about my brother was that he would never take responsibility for anything, he got married, he had a child he never supported the child, when they came after him for child support, he would work for people for cash so the government couldn’t find that he was working and take his check.

    We’d get him in treatment program after treatment program and just when he’d start to get a little better and they would start to give him a little listen to the word responsibility, then he’d decide that this is just not for me, this is not me so he lived with us for four years and we tried to take care of him and helped him and if i said David get up and go to work he’d get up and go to work, if i said David did you do this and he hadn’t done it he’d go do it but if somebody didn’t tell him everything to do, then he just didn’t do anything.

    So I marvel that the two of us grew up in the same household with the same types of problems and very sad to say that i guess about eight years ago he ended up committing suicide and I’m at the age of 75 still preaching the gospel all over the world now.

    I’m not saying something bad about him and something good about me but I have to believe that we both had the same opportunity otherwise God is so grossly unfair, i mean if he just says well okay you can make it but you’re never going to get out of bondage, you know they’re okay you can make it but no you’re going to stay in bondage all your life.

    The promises of God are for whosoever will do what God tells them to do, can have what God says, they can have going to say it again, whosoever does what God tells them to do can have whatsoever God says they can have. Pastor Joyce Meyer wants us to understand that before we can get our break through, we must fist take responsibilities for our lives and quit blaming others, then we can break free.

    Source: Joyce Meyer Youtube

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