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Joyce Meyer Sermon: How To Hear From God

    Joyce Meyer Sermon How To Hear From God: ,If you take too much of a supernatural look at what it means to be led by the holy spirit, many times you’re going to miss what God really wants you to do, because in many ways, the way that God speaks to us and deals with us is a lot more normal than what you might think.

    How to find God’s will for your life, seems to be a big thing for a lot of people. How am I supposed to know what, it is that God wants me to do?”

    Joyce Meyer said she remembers one girl that used to work for her and she was in her 50s, very attractive woman but she had just never been married and never even really dated to any degree and she said God told her, “I want you just to serve me with gladness” and so, perhaps there are even people that God wants to station, throughout the body of Christ that just are one of those kind of people.

    They’re just there to be an up lifter and an encourager and to give an example of being content. You know, God uses us in so many different ways and I hope that you’re past the thinking that if you’re not on a platform somewhere, then God is not using you.

    To be honest, most of the work that needs to be done and is done out in the world, is done one on one by people that are out there on their jobs, in the marketplace, in the store.

    Most of the people that need help are not coming to church, we all need help in here today but most of the people that are lot more desperate for help than you are, are out there, they did not know to come in here today.

    So, we come together like this, to learn and grow so we can then go out and be the witnesses, that Christ wants us to be to change the world.


    Every single Christian is called into ministry, we all have the ministry of intercession, it’s our ministry to pray for other people and we all have the ministry of reconciliation, the bible says, which is being that go-between that helps to bring reconciliation between the lost and God.


    So, you all have a ministry, finding out the particular way that God wants you to manifest that ministry may be one thing, more than likely it’s going to be several things, but I stop by saying that the only way you are going to ever find out, is to step out and find out. Do not be afraid to try things, it won’t take very long and you will know if it’s just something that you can do or if it’s the thing that God wants you to do. You know, Paul was ministering for quite a while before God said, “separate unto me now Paul and Barnabas for the work to which I have called them to do.


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