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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON GOD MEANT IT FOR GOODPastor Joyce Meyer said, if you trust God and you love him, I don’t care what has happened or what does happen, God will take it and make it somehow or another work out for your good. Joyce Meyer said, this is one of the most exciting things about our relationship with God, that doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good, that doesn’t mean we’re going to like some of the things that we have to go through.

    God can take a bad thing and we may never want to say the thing was good but somehow or another God can miraculously work in that thing and he can make us better people. I mean, if you don’t get anything else out of a problem, you get more compassion and you behave differently when somebody else tells you they’ve got a problem.

    Have you ever tried to talk to somebody about your problem, that is a person who does not have any problems, they’re quick to tell you, “well, I’d do this and I’d do that,” and it sounds so simple for them and you just want somebody to say, “oh my gosh, I know what you’re going through, I know how hard it is and then it’s fine to tell them what God can do for them but there’s nothing worse than somebody who has no compassion all they can ever give you is a scripture.

    Joyce Meyer said, don’t be that kind of a Christian, sometimes, somebody just needs you to cry with them, sometimes they need you just to understand, everybody who comes to you for help doesn’t always want an answer. Sometimes, they just want you to understand, they don’t want a sermon, they just want somebody to understand what they’re going through and the best way I know to get a boatload of compassion is to go through stuff yourself.

    I’ll be honest with you, if you’re going to be used by God very much, you’re going to have to have some compassion and that means you’re going to have to have some experience. There are tragic things have happened to people, you’re probably thinking, you know, this happened or that happened and how can you possibly tell me God can work good out of that?” Pastor Joyce said, I don’t know how he does it but I know if we love him and if we trust him and obviously, that includes having a decent attitude but, you know, i don’t understand this, God, but I trust you and I believe that you can work it out for my good.

    Whatever you might be going through right now or whatever you have gone through in the past, if you’ve never done this before, i want you to start believing today that God can take that thing and he can make it work out for good in your life.


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