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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON DON’T FEED THE MONSTER : Pastor Joyce Meyer said, if there’s anything that we want that we cannot be happy without, it it’s no longer a desire; it’s become a lust. God gives us the desires of our heart, if we delight ourselves in him. Psalm 37 says, delight yourself in the lord, put him first above everything else, want him more than you want anything else put him first in your time, first in everything and be happy with or without the stuff and at the right time, God will give you the desires of your heart but if we’re lusting after something and we think we can’t be happy without that, God’s not going to give us that because then our joy is in the thing not in him.

    How do you crucify the flesh, you just don’t feed it, you can kill anything if you starve it. It’s really not that challenging, if you really finally see this every time we give in to a fleshly whim or desire. Let’s just say that i don’t get my way and so my normal old nature reaction to not getting my way is to pout and feel sorry for myself, I did that for years and years and years and so when God started dealing with me about that, that’s how it works the holy spirit comes to live in you and he doesn’t touch everything that’s wrong with us at one time, it’s a little bit of time he’ll put his finger on one thing.

    The bible says that Jesus stands at the door and knocks, what door is he knocking at in your life and is you saying nobody’s home or come in? is he knocking at the door of appetite, is he knocking at the entertainment door of your life are there some things that your friends want you to do and you know it’s not what God wants you to do anymore and maybe you’re afraid you’re going to lose some of your friends, if you don’t do it anymore too and so Jesus is nobody’s home I’m not ready for that yet, I’m not God, not that I’m not ready for that yet.

    God puts his finger on something in our life, we better get ready because things aren’t going to work too good after that, if we don’t see that. Pastor Joyce Meyer said, to me and I really mean this, this is an exciting part of our journey with God because I want to be everything that he wants me to be but I’m not smart enough to do it without some help from God and I need the holy spirit to deal with me and I need conviction, I don’t need condemnation, I had that long time ago I finally got rid of that but I do need conviction I’m glad when God shows me.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer wants us all to be happy and accept God’s touch in our lives, and make amends instead of making excuses.



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