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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON DON’T DISTURB ME : Joyce Meyer teaches us from her series enjoying successful relationships, our relationships are such an important part of our lives we’d prefer all our relationships to be positive but what about those who bring us stress or just kind of get on our nerves, how can we be in a relationship with them? Thankfully God’s word is filled with the answers, we need to have healthy relationships no matter how those around us behave. Today Joyce shares some of the ways we can all work toward having more joy and peace with everyone in our lives.

    Joyce Meyer said, love finds a way, indifference makes an excuse, one of the problems that we have today in our society is just indifference, we want to fix everything, well they should do something about this, will they? Who is they, who are they? This mysterious they that’s supposed to fix everything, we are they.

    Not only do we have a do not disturb sign on our body, i forgot to bring it but we also have an excuse bag we carry that on our shoulder and every time that God wants us to do something that’s a little bit uncomfortable, we just reach in quick and get out one of our excuses, I’m too young, I’m too old, I’m not educated enough, the timing’s not right, i don’t have enough money, i’m too busy, i got problems of my own, it’s too hard, i don’t want to get involved.

    Let me ask you a question, when you hurt your foot, does your hand refuse to get involved? i mean the first thing that happens if you hurt your foot is both hands are involved, i mean your eyes get involved, your mouth gets involved, but we think when another member of our body the body of Christ is hurting, we don’t want to get involved because you know when you get involved, you get hurt and then if you get involved people just expect too much out of you.

    I was involved in a church, one time and I got hurt, so I’ll go to church but bless God, I’m not going to do anything anymore, I’m not going to get involved, let me tell you something She said, I’ve been hurt so bad by Christians, that it would just be enough to just want to kill you, I’ve been hurt a lot more by Christians than just regular sinners, some of the meanest people I know but I’m afraid, I’m shy, I’m insecure, I got too many kids, let me tell you something, when God tells you to do something, you can do it, you may not want to do it but you can do it.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer said, i didn’t even start this ministry until i was 42 and i had two teenagers, a 10 year old and a baby, I’d been teaching the word 10 years prior to that in bible studies and i worked at a church but it astounds me when i realized that I didn’t even start doing this until I was 42.

    Don’t say you’re too old and God’s raising up so many beautiful young people today I think the young people are getting the message they’re not too young, Pastor Joyce Meyer said we stop making excuses, she said at least if you don’t want to do it, tell god the truth.


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