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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON CAREFUL WHAT YOU SPEAK :Pastor Joyce Meyer tells us a story she says so, many years ago, I went through a little period of time where I was teaching, just like I always do, but I just felt like there was no anointing at all, and I hated it.

    I felt like that everything I was saying made no sense at all, so, I would say to Dave, “I just feel like there’s no anointing.” He would say, what are you talking about? It was good, everything was fine.” I’m at least glad God hides it from other people.

    This went on for a few times when I’d go out and speak and I finally just I told him, I said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I am not going to bed tonight until I find out.” so, I went in my office and he went to bed, and I was just crying out to God, just show me what was wrong, and he never showed me anything.

    Well, the next day Dave said, “I think God showed me what’s wrong. Joyce Meyer says, don’t you absolutely hate it when God does that? “I don’t want you to tell him what’s wrong, I want you to tell me what’s wrong and keep it between me and you.

    I asked Dave what the problem was and he said, “well, you remember the other day when you were talking about so and so?” and it was actually a preacher that I know “and you said–“and I had said some not so good things about his preaching, like I thought he just, you know, kind of rambled and went off in a bunch of different directions and never really finished his point.

    Well, Dave agreed with me, but God wasn’t dealing with him and then not only did he not deal with Dave about it, he tells Dave that’s my problem.

    Joyce: now, I know that this sounds funny now, but it was not funny when it was happening and so, I just, I actually got madder so I just went back to my room decided I was going to stay up some more and so, took a few days but God led me to the scriptures in James 3:1 through 10.

    “for you know, that we who teach will be grudged will be judged with a greater strictness but the bottom line is i had actually done a very bad thing as a teacher of God’s word in saying something downgrading about another person teaching God’s word.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer teaches us that we don’t need to be judging anybody but if you want to get in trouble, you just go judge somebody that’s doing the same thing you are. maybe you’re a lead vocalist in the church choir, and you have a great voice, and somebody else that they let do specials once in a while, you say, “ah, they couldn’t sing their way out of a paper bag, i don’t know why they let them sing.” Well, you better start repenting fast.


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