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Joyce Meyer: Pressing Past Guilt and Shame – Part 2

    Get ready to be inspired by a powerful message from Joyce Meyer titled “Overcoming Guilt and Shame, Part 2.” In this transformative teaching, Joyce imparts wisdom on how to break free from the chains of guilt and shame that can hinder our relationship with God.

    Joyce reminds us that God doesn’t expect us to rely solely on our own efforts. He hasn’t called us to do things for Him based on our own abilities or ideas. Rather, our calling and purpose come from Him, and it is through His guidance and empowerment that we can accomplish great things. Even though we may encounter challenges and difficulties along the way, there is a profound sense of comfort and assurance in our souls when we align ourselves with God’s will.

    The message highlights the importance of understanding our identity in Christ and the doctrine of righteousness. Living on spiritual “milk” signifies a lack of knowledge about our true identity as children of God. It is essential to grasp that our worth and acceptance come from being in Christ, not from our actions as human beings. Even when we make mistakes, we are still beloved children of God, and His love for us remains unwavering. God never rejects us; instead, He extends His grace and works alongside us as we cooperate with Him. Moreover, He does not keep a tally of our past mistakes but offers us a fresh start each day.

    Join us as we dive into this life-changing message, “Pressing Past Guilt and Shame, Part 2,” delivered by Joyce Meyer. Through her teachings, we will discover how to overcome guilt and shame, embrace our identity in Christ, and experience the freedom and abundant life God has destined for us.

    Imagine if you could glimpse your heavenly balance sheet right now—it would read zero. One of the greatest challenges many people face is struggling with self-acceptance. You may not even realize that this is the root of your struggle. It’s important to understand that you cannot fulfill the purpose and calling that God has specifically designed for someone else. You can only walk in the grace and gifts that God has uniquely bestowed upon you.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer shares her own journey of trying to be someone else, a mistake many of us can relate to. In Brother Lawrence’s book, “Practicing the Presence of God,” he encourages not going more than a minute without thinking about God. Joyce attempted to follow this advice but found herself becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. Eventually, she came to a profound realization: she is not Brother Lawrence, and she doesn’t need to be. Instead, she is called to be herself—Joyce Meyer.

    When God has a specific task for you, He will equip you with the necessary grace to fulfill it. It’s crucial to release the constant need for comparison and self-doubt. Accepting yourself and embracing your unique qualities is key. God has a distinct plan for your life, and comparing yourself to others only hinders His ability to use you as He desires. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and your worth is not determined by how you measure up to others.

    Let go of the constant striving and embrace who you are in Christ. Trust that God has given you the grace and abilities needed for your own journey. By doing so, you allow Him to work through you in remarkable ways. Remember, comparing yourself to others serves no purpose. Your focus should be on fulfilling the unique purpose God has set before you.

    Kindly watch, meditate on and learn from this Joyce Meyer Sermon ”Pressing Past Guilt and Shame – Part 2” and as you do so, may Gid bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Watch Joyce Meyer Sermon ”Pressing Past Guilt and Shame – Part 2” Below 

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