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Joyce Meyer Message : With Promotion Comes Responsibility

    Joyce Meyer Message With Promotion Comes Responsibility: Jesus explained that being a disciple of his will not only require the privilege of standing in front of people but also sacrifice and sufferings, this is a preaching that does not really see the light of day often. Jesus predicts his deaths to the disciples, he knew what he had come to do on earth and he had to take responsibility, he had to go through what ever he needed through in order to be able to take responsibility.

    The mother of the zebedee brother heard what Jesus told his disciples concerning his death and she knelt in his front and asked him to grant them for a place on his left and his right side and Jesus said to her, you do not know what you ask, this shows that most times God does not answer our prayers because it can be harmful to us, he does a great favour to us by not answering some times, sometimes it is because we were not ready to be responsible for the request we made. it is not just about getting something, everything that we get comes with a responsibility.

    Even if you pray for a bigger house, it comes with a bigger responsibility, because the house payments will be more, it will take more time to clean, there will be more things to break down and fix.

    A lot of times we ask for things that we do not want to take care of but we should take care of everything that we have. Jesus asked them if they could drink of the cup which he was about to drink and he was talking about suffering, which means that for Jesus to give them a position on his right and left hand, they will have to do a great deal of sacrificing and suffering, Joyce Meyer wants us to understand that with every privilege comes a corresponding responsibility


    Matthew 20:17-22


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