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Joyce Meyer Message 2022: The Importance of God’s Word

    Joyce Meyer Message The Importance of God’s Word : The president of Joyce Meyer ministries and the wife of Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer has come through with this great message in this episode of her ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ titled “The Importance of God’s Word” .which we are bringing to you to listen to, learn and meditate on.

    In this message, Joyce teaches that no matter what struggles you are facing, God’s Word holds the answers you need. The greatest way to be free from our worries and troubles is to believe in the word of God, have confidence in him and at all times commit our struggles and worries into his able hand. Be rest assured that our God is ever worthy and capable of anything.  Learn how to hear from God through His Word. Studying God’s word strengthens us.

    It brings us joy, it brings us peace, it teaches us who we are in Christ and what belongs to us as children of God. She said she has been studying God’s word for 45 years and she went to church for a long time before she really started studying the word. Joyce would listen to other people teach the word and she read a little bit of the bible every ay just because she thought it was her duty but didn’t really study the word.

    The wife of Dave Meyer and the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries thinks there are a lot of Christians who don’t really study the word and made us understand the importance of studying God’s word. The word of God is actually medicine for your soul.

    Watch and learn from this message by Joyce Meyer: “The Importance of God’s Word” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

    Credit: Joyce Meyer Ministries YouTube

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