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    JOYCE MEYER MESSAGE PRIORITISE GOD THIS YEAR : Pastor Joyce Meyer says, I believe that what our priorities should be is always God first then family, then yourself and I know that may sound a little strange most of the time when you hear people teach on priorities, somehow they never put you in there but the thing is that if you don’t take care of yourself, then you’re never going to be fit to take care of or help anyone else and God wants you to take care of yourself, he wants you to take care of your health, he wants you to take care of your mind your emotions.

    You need to do some things for yourself occasionally that you enjoy, you need to get the rest that you need if you are at the bottom of your list of people that you take care of, then you need to move yourself up several spaces. just remember that best gift that you can give anybody is a healthy you and then i believe our jobs, how we make our money, comes after that and then doing things for other people should always be a priority in our lives, because it’s a priority to God and we’re not looking at things the way the world does, we’re looking at this from the viewpoint of how God teaches it in his word and keep in mind if you do things God’s way, you’re always going to have a better life than if you try to do things the world’s way

    First john 5:21 little children, keep yourselves from idols, from false gods, from anything and everything that would occupy the place in your heart, that is due to God and from any sort of substitute for him that would take first place in your life.

    To some people, to be Christian meant to believe that Jesus died for me paid for my sins and to receive him into my heart and to go to church and maybe do a little bit of church work.

    If you’re a Christian, God should be first in your life and we have to put him first in our life, your family then yourself, then your job then doing things for other people. Now you know there may be people that feel differently about it but this is just the way that i want to present it to you today

    So anything can become an idol, anything that becomes more important to us than God can become an idol, you can idolise your job, you can idolise how you look, you can spend more time on how you look than you do on anything else, we can idolise our children, our friends. we need to be careful that we always keep God first place in our life and we do that by spending time with him regularly, not occasionally when you get time but you give him the first part of your time.

    Source: Joyce Meyer Ministries 

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