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Joyce Meyer Message: Making Right Choices – Part 1

    Joyce Meyer Message Making Right Choices : Enjoying Everyday Life shares this message by Joyce Meyer titled: “Making Right Choices” and this is the Part 1 of this message.

    The president of Joyce Meyer ministry and the wife of Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer in this message stated thus:

    We makes  a lot of decisions on daily basis. If we make right decisions, we are going to enjoy it more than if we had made the wrong ones.

    If you are a believer living inside of you whose job is to lead and guide us. The Holy spirit is there to help us in our decision making. If we make right decisions, life is going to be great but if we make the wrong ones, we are going to get the result of the wrong decisions.

    The choices we make do not just affect us alone but also the people around us. The decisions we make affect our children. If we make the wrong decision, the next is regret. wrong decisions results in regrets.

    As much as God forgives us for everything, but we cannot undo the circumstances we get as a result of the wrong things we have done or the wrong decisions we have made.

    It is important we allow the Holy spirit to guide us in our decision making. we should be very careful with the decisions we make as the decisions we make today will affect us either today or in the future as well as people around us. Every decision we make has impact in our lives.

    Teaching further on this message via Instagram, Joyce Meyer wrote: “The decisions we make everyday have an impact on other people. Making right choices is choosing life!”

    “Sometimes we make it hard on ourselves. Making excuses about why we behave badly will only catapult us deeper into self pity. Begin owning your life today. Accept responsibility and climb to the top!”

    Watch and learn from this message by Joyce Meyer: “Making Right Choices” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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