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    JOYCE MEYER MESSAGE MAKING RIGHT CHOICES : Pastor Joyce Meyer teaches us today that choices have a lot of power a lot of power, they can have positive power or they can have negative power, if you make good choices, right choices then it can add good things to your life, but if you make wrong choices or bad choices then it’s going to add bad things to your life or wrong things to your life.


    However, the possibility of making good decisions without knowing God’s Words is unknown, because all the answers that we need to life are found in God’s word and even people who are not believers, some people make better choices than others, but we need God’s word if we really want to make right choices and that requires study and it requires an investment of your time in order to study, so we must do that.


    We need to make our own decisions led by the spirit of God she means making your own decisions by doing what God wants you to Without letting other people make your decisions for you, it’s amazing how many opinions that people have about our lives and what we should and shouldn’t be doing, if you’re a people pleaser or if you’re insecure you’re going to get pressured by what other people want you to do and you may end up making a lot of wrong decisions just because you want to please everybody.


    If you’re going to have a relationship with God you’re going to have to get out of the natural and into the supernatural and everything that God leads you to do is not always going to make sense to your head but do you feel right about it inside.


    We have take little steps to find out if, what you believe you’re hearing from God is really God or not because we can make mistakes. A lot of things can go wrong if we follow the words of people and their doubt instead of God words in in our lives.


    However if you have made a lot of wrong choices already, it is not too late for you because you can start making right choices and you can start making right choices today. Every right choice that you make will help undo one of the wrong choices that you have made in the past, now it’s going to take time.


    A lot of people think that they can start having a relationship with Jesus and everything will be fixed overnight, it won’t, Joyce Meyer said give God at least the same amount of time that you gave the devil, if you did wrong things and made wrong choices for 30, 40 years don’t expect it all to be fixed overnight but remember every right choice you make, every single right choice you make will help overturn the results of one of the wrong choices that you made in the past.


    Pastor Joyce Meyer has advised us to go to God with all our decisions and choices, and listen to him above all else and this can be done by meditation on the word.


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