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Joyce Meyer Message : Make Your Own Decisions: Part 1

    Joyce Meyer Message Make Your Own Decisions : The president of Joyce Meyer ministries and the wife of Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer has come through with this new message titled ”Make Your Own Decisions” which is a part the series of Enjoying everyday life.

    Every decision we make has effect on us and those around us, including the generations to come. it is important that we make our own decisions and not allowing other people to make decisions for us.

    If we don’t understand that we have to hear from God and make our own decisions, we will end up altering our destinies and in a negative way.

    God wants us to help people , but we must do this with the help and guide of the Holy Spirit and never allow people’s expectation to control us.

    Do not let money be your decision maker. If you allow money to become your decision maker, you will end up being unfulfilled. There is no worse thing like doing something that you hate. Nothing is so useless as doing with excellence what should not be done at all.

    Listen to God, do what he tells you to do and do not be pressured by other people’s expectations.

    A lot of people don’t like the decisions we make because it will keep them uncomfortable.

    It should be noted that everyone who received Christ has a new covenant.

    You must be true to your own heart or you will never be happy.

    Watch , Listen and meditate on this Enjoying everyday life episode by Joyce Meyer and remain blessed.

    Credit: Joyce Meyer Youtube


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