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Joyce Meyer devotional 8 October 2021 – The Bible Says, “Shake It Off!”

    Joyce Meyer devotional 8 October 2021 – the famous preacher Joyce Meyer in her daily effort to win souls for Christ and to contribute in the spiritual growth worldwide has this to say to the world as provided on her official website today 8 October 2021.

    ”I often share a teaching that I call “Shake It Off,” which is based on the time Paul was on the island of Malta (see Acts 28). He was helping some people build a fire when a poisonous serpent crawled out and attached itself to his hand. At first, when the people saw it, they thought he must be wicked to have such an evil thing happen to him. They watched, waiting for him to fall over dead.

    But the Bible says Paul simply “shook it off.” We can learn so much from that. When somebody offends or rejects us, we need to see it as a bite from Satan, and just shake it off.

    In another instance in the Bible, Jesus told the disciples that if they entered towns that didn’t receive them, they should just go to the next town. He told them to shake the dust off their feet and move on. He didn’t want the disciples to dwell on the rejection they had experienced; He wanted them to stay focused on sharing their testimony of His works in their lives. Likewise, as we follow the Spirit, we can shake off offenses and hold on to our peace. When others see that we can remain calm even when “the serpent” bites us, they will want to know where that peace is coming from in our lives.

    When we are in a state of upset, we cannot hear from God clearly. The Bible promises us that God will lead us and walk us out of our troubles, but we cannot be led by the Spirit if we are offended and in turmoil. We can’t get away from the storms of life, or the temptation to be irritated by someone; but we can respond to offenses by saying, “God, You are merciful, and You are good. And I am going to put my confidence in You until this storm passes over.”

    Prayer Starter: Lord God, I turn over all the enemy’s bites to You and put all my trust in You until the storms in my life pass, In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Credit for Joyce Meyer Devotion for today 8 October 2021 – Joycemeyer.Org

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