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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals May 21 2022 : Talk About the Good Stuff

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals May 21 2022 :

    It seems to me that we talk about how we feel more than practically anything else. We feel good or bad, happy, or sad, excited or discouraged, and a thousand other things. The inventory of the various ways we feel is almost endless. Feelings are ever-changing, usually without notification. These feelings don’t need our permission to fluctuate; they merely seem to do as they please for no specific reason we can identify. We have all experienced going to bed feeling just fine physically and emotionally, only to wake up the next morning feeling tired and irritable. “Why? Why do I feel this way?” we ask ourselves, and then we usually begin to tell anyone who will listen how we feel. It is interesting to note that we tend to talk a lot more about our negative feelings than we do our positive ones.

    If I wake up feeling energetic and excited about the day, I rarely announce it to everyone I come in contact with; however, if I feel tired and discouraged, I want to tell everyone. It has taken me years to learn that talking about how I feel increases the intensity of those feelings. So, it seems to me that we should keep quiet about the negative feelings and talk about the positive ones.

    You can always tell God how you feel and ask for His help and strength but talking about negative feelings just to be talking does no good at all. If negative feelings persist, asking for prayer or seeking advice based on biblical truth is a good thing, but once again I want to stress that talking just to be talking is useless.

    If we have to wait to see how we feel before we know if we can enjoy the day, then we are giving feelings control over us. But if we are willing to make right choices regardless of how we feel, God will always be faithful to give us the strength to do so.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I need to change the things I talk about. Please help me to share the good things and keep turn the various ways I feel over to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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