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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals May 14 2022 : Success Requires Effort

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals May 14 2022 :

    True success does not come easily or without hurdles for anyone. It is the result of hard work, patience, sacrifice, and determination— but it does come. As a child of God, the only way you will ever be a failure is if you give up.

    You can be successful in every area of your life—work, relationships, marriage, pursuit of God’s plans, and everything else in which you are involved. But lasting success requires effort, and as you work toward it, the enemy will try to oppose you.

    It’s crucial to learn to keep moving forward in God’s strength when success does not come as easily as you would like. When you face the obstacles that you are sure to encounter along the way, don’t give up. Keep moving forward with determination!

    Prayer Starter: Lord, when I’m tempted to give up, that’s when I need to get busy and keep being diligent…with Your help, amen.

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