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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals May 12 2023.

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals May 12 2023 Topic:One Day at a Time

    SCRIPTURE: Give us this day our daily bread.— Matthew 6:11 (AMP)

    God helps us as we put our trust in Him, not as we worry and fret about how we are going to solve our future problems. When we use today to worry about tomorrow, we end up wasting today. It is useless. Instead, we can come to God, trusting His provision, one day at a time.

    Our walk with God is called a “daily walk” for a reason: We need His help every day.

    We can get out of debt, exercise, lose weight, graduate from college, parent a special needs child, or be successful at anything we need to do if we will put our trust in God and take life one day at a time. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow would have sufficient trouble of its own (see Matthew 6:34).

    Prayer of the Day: Dear Lord, help me to trust in You and not worry about the future, and to know and understand that when I focus on tomorrow, I waste today. Thank You for reminding me to take one day at a time, amen.


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