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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals and prayer request May 11 2022 : A Calm Delight

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals May 11 2022 : 

    When you consider joy, you may think about one of those bubbly people who is “up” all of the time, and perhaps you are not like that. I’m not like that either. But for those of us who can be very serious, it is important that we learn how to have fun, to cut loose, and lighten up a little.

    What is joy and what is joy based on? Joy is defined as “a shout; a proclamation that can manifest in singing; a calm delight.” Your joy is not to be based on your circumstances. Happiness may be based on what is happening to you, but not joy. Joy—a fruit of the Spirit—is like a deep well on the inside of you. It is not the fruit of your circumstance. No matter what you are facing in life, you must learn to abide in the midst of a calm delight.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I want to feel joy, deep down in my spirit. Help me feel that calm delight, amen.


    Everyday, the Joyce Meyer ministries is out and ready to join you us in prayer. Therefore feel free to always send your prayer request and have absolute trust and faith in God.


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