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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals and Prayer request June 8 2022 : Overcoming Guilt and Shame

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals June 8 2022 :

    Our imaginations and mind prepare us for action. They can prepare us for success or failure, joy or misery—the choice is up to us.

    If you think about the past mistakes and all the things you have done wrong, it will only weaken you. It handicaps you as you try to enter the future God has for you. No matter what you have done in the past, learn to see yourself as a new creature in Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). Choose to look forward in faith, not backward in guilt or condemnation.

    In order to overcome shame, we can make the choice to stop thinking about our past failures. Rather than thinking about the sin, begin to praise God that you have been forgiven. See the solution, not the problem. When you do, you’ll understand the joy of being a new creation in Christ!

    Prayer Starter: Father, I am tired of thinking about my past mistakes and instead choose to focus more on praising You for everything You have forgiven—past, present, and future—with Your help, amen.

    Joyce Meyer Prayer Request

    Joyce Meyer together with her ministries is ever ready and willing to join you in prayeying for your need. Being a Christian means believing in the supremacy of God and the effectiveness of prayers. Faith makes prayer to work. Brethren pray ceaselessly and i assure you, there is nothing God cannot do. There is nothing you ask of him in prayers that he cannot do. Even if not immediately as u wish, but surely he will do it.

    Kindly drop your prayer request here now for Prayer


    Auhor: Joyce Meyer

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