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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals June 30 2022 : The Shield of Faith

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals June 30 2022 : The devil attacks us in a variety of ways, but we can always have the victory if we will lift up the shield of faith against him at the onset of his attack. Recently, early in the morning, he attacked my mind with critical thoughts about several people I know, and this morning it was fear and worry. Both times, the Holy Spirit made me aware of what was happening, and I released my faith in God by remembering the faithfulness of God and trusting Him to take care of everything that was attempting to annoy me. I also replaced the wrong thoughts with good ones, because that is one way that we overcome evil with good (see Romans 12:21).

    When the devil is attacking, we dare not be passive and do nothing. We must come against him. We submit ourselves to God and His Word, and we resist the devil, and he flees (see James 4:7). No matter what lie the devil is whispering to your mind, don’t believe him, but instead wield (use) the sword of the Spirit that is the Word of God. Replace thoughts of criticism with thoughts of humility and love. Replace fear and worry with trust and confidence. Faith is a shield, and it will protect us in every battle if we will “lift” it up by simply declaring our trust in God.

    Prayer Starter: Father, always reveal to me when the devil is attacking me and remind me of relevant Scriptures to replace the evil thoughts he is suggesting. Help me lift up my shield of faith at all times. Thank You!

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