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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals June 21 2022 : Set Sail and Be Free

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals June 21 2022 :

    I once read that we believers are like ships that God wants to turn out to sea to sail wherever the wind and waves carry us. That sea represents the freedom we have in God, and the wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. But as new believers, we are tied to the dock because that is the only place we can avoid becoming shipwrecked until we learn how to follow Him. When we learn to follow those inner promptings of the Holy Spirit, we can be untied from the dock and sail the seas of life under His leadership without the fear of becoming lost.

    God’s leading doesn’t contradict the laws that He ordained. When we are new believers, we learn to follow God’s laws that He defined in the Word. And as we mature, we develop the ability to be led by the Spirit of the living God. When the Spirit of God is in you, the law of God is written in your heart. You no longer have to memorize the law, because you can follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Who will lead you in the right direction.

    Some people feel much safer following the law than being led by the Spirit. They think they are okay as long as they follow a prescribed plan that everyone else is following. But following the Spirit may lead people to do something a little differently from what everyone else is doing. They will need faith to leave the security of the crowd because God doesn’t lead everybody to serve Him in exactly the same place or at the same capacity.

    We cannot follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit by simply obeying laws, rules, and regulations. God’s law is our tutor, but it is not to be our master. To live at ease and be full of joy, we must learn to prayerfully follow the Holy Spirit.

    God wants you to set sail and be free from captivity. To do so, you must trust the leadership of the Holy Spirit when He speaks to your heart and leads you in the right direction.

    Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, I want to be free from captivity and free to set sail. Lead me and guide my in the right direction, so that I may grow up in You, amen.

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