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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals July 9 2022 : The Privilege of Trusting God

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals July 9 2022:

    Part of trusting God is having unanswered questions. When you get answers, you don’t need to trust God anymore. But if you don’t have answers, then you will need to trust God. He could give us all the answers to everything, but He doesn’t because He wants us to trust Him.

    Have you ever said, “There’s nothing we can do but trust God”? Like it’s your last-ditch effort—you’ve done everything else and now you’re left with no other choice.

    We need to change the way we talk. We need to realize trusting God is the greatest privilege we have. What an honor to be able to say, “No matter what kind of problem I have in my life, I get to trust God!” God wants to take care of you, but He doesn’t start until you stop. Retire from self-care and start trusting God.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I know You want to take care of me. Please help me to stop trying to take care of myself and put all of my trust in You, amen.

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